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How To Get Maximum Battery Life On Your Android Phone Without Using Any Apps

Android delivers fast paced smartphone experience with loads of functions and customization features. With its open architecture design, an android phone offers you many battery saving features that can be used in any combination to save battery life to a considerable extent. Tweaking some of the settings will let you use your phone for a longer time that you are using it previously. There are also some 3rd party apps that claim to save battery life by automatically toggling its system settings. Using such apps seems convenient and easy for you. However, getting a system wise idea of how it …

How To Download And Convert Online Videos For Free

People love to watch online videos as they find instant access to popular video streaming portals like; YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vevo, TubePlus etc. It does not matter where the videos are hosted and whether it has a download option or not, you can still grab them with the help of a free video streaming capture and converting software called ‘Free Video Downloader’. You have loads of additional features attached to this tiny software that are equally useful and anticipated by you.

 Free Video Downloader

With this tiny utility app, you can download unlimited number of streaming videos from almost all …