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The Apps You Must Try For Your Android Phone

An android phone is a door to access a pile of apps from the play store. You must try the latest and popular apps and see if they are doing any good in your daily life. The highly enriched collection of categorical apps for android is the main reason people buy android devices. You must know about some of the latest and highly recommended apps for your android Smartphone. You can open the play store by clicking the play store icon on your phone and get started in exploring the exciting world of android apps. You should look for the …

Best 5 Must Have Application For The New Windows 8 Os

The new windows operating system has many surprises for its users. If you have recently upgraded to Windows 8, then you must by wondering about what apps to install in its new live tiles metro look start screen. There are many 3rd party apps that are more productive than inbuilt applications and features.  You should take advantage of such apps to get more out of your Windows 8 PC and mobile.

  • AccuWeather
  • Metro Commander
  • News Bento
  • Shazam
  • Norton Satellite

You need to go to the Windows store and search for the respective app to install it. There are hundreds …

Testify A New Operating System Without Formatting Your PC

Testing of new operating system is really bliss when you do not need to hamper your work by removing your earlier OS and settings. It can be really convenient to you if you can evaluate a new operating system features and functionality without bringing much change to your system. With the help of visualization, you can face this challenge easily. Visualization helps you create multiple virtual machines inside your existing host OS. You can install any operating system in them. It is called a guest OS that you install in a virtual machine within your physical system.

An ideal situation

Some Hidden Secrets Of VLC Player You Should Know About

You must be familiar with this popular open source media player. It is free and a cross platform media playing application that can play almost any media file superbly without any issues.You must be aware about this too! The ‘did you know?’ stuffs for VLC will certainly surprise you if you use this software only as a media player. There are some top secret features that you are yet to experience as a basic VLC user. You can try some of the secrets to get more out of this wonderful media player and impress the newbies.

Rip DVDs and convert

Smart Ideas To Run Multiple Oss Under A Single Operating System

The concept of running more than one operating systems in computers is a useful one when it comes to ease of access and for testing purposes. You can easily access a guest OS without restarting your computer with the help of some free to use applications. This is similar to using an operating system like an application installed within your host OS. There are many retail and free software available specifically for this purpose. A free to use virtualization application provides you basic features and customizations, sufficiently enough for standard virtualization purpose. The popular ones are:

  • Windows Virtual PC
  • VMware

Simple Steps To Easily Backup Android Mobile Data On Google Cloud

Backing up your phone data is really necessary. Suddenly, you may need to perform a factory reset to solve some software problems and all your data can get erased. If you have your data properly backed up to a cloud server, then you can easily restore all your data and settings to your phone. You do not need to go through all those settings and contacts saving all over again to make your phone usable for you. Android offers you in-built back-up features without any additional apps. If you have a Wi-Fi or 3G connection, then you can easily back …

How You Can Successfully Sync Your Windows Phone With PC Or MAC

There are quite a few options of easy synchronization of windows phone to your PC or MAC. It has certain advantages of syncing the phone with your computer. You can easily manage files, folders, contacts, documents etc. on your phone via Windows Explorer or the platform depended synchronization software for windows phones. The Windows Phone App is available for Windows 8 OS and MAC platform. The Windows Phone App for desktop supports Windows 7 OS. You can also download Zune software if you have a windows phone with WP7 operating system. If you are confused about the proper synchronization option …

How To Transfer Music To Windows Phones

You may have purchased a brand new windows phone with WP7 or WP8operating system. This is a superior smartphone with advanced functionalities and features you dreamed for years. People store up music, ringtones and podcasts as soon as they buy a new smartphone. There is a significant difference from the traditional ways of transferring music to your windows phone. There are different ways people transfer music to their phones:

Bluetooth transfer
Cloud transfer
Transfer via USB cable plugged in your computer

Apart of the wireless and online method (Bluetooth and Cloud), the offline music transfer from your computerusing USB data …

How To Publish Portable Software Packages For Free

Making portable applications has certain advantages. You can easily take them along with you in a flash drive. You just need to double click the executable and your favorite application will launch instantly. People use portable apps for this feature. There are also some additional features like; compatibility, system security, and using of multiple editions of the same software on a single system. A potable application does not change your system registry settings. Therefore, you can ensure optimum system security without any threats of using a malware like application.

The solution

Making portable application is easy and you do not …

How to Officially Record Your Windows 7 PC Screen

Sometimes people need to make video tutorials about a topic to offer a clear idea. If you run a tutorial blog, then you may have faced the challenges in making one perfect video tutorial that looks professional. The screen recording job should not be funny and immature with a shaky mobile camera in front of your monitor! Windows 7 users can easily take screenshots with the help of the in-built ‘Snipping tool’. However, you need special software for the purpose of recording your computer screen when you are giving a clear-cut idea about something. You now have a reliable and …