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How to Make Space in Your Ubuntu Desktop by Hiding or Resizing the Unity Launcher


There is no doubt that a lot of people love the Unity Launcher on their Ubuntu Desktop, but the launcher takes up a lot of room. There is an easy solution. You can hide Unity Launcher by following some simple steps.

  1. Click on the System Menu displayed in the upper-right corner of the top panel of the screen
  2. A dropdown field is extended
  3. Select the option System Settings from the dropdown
  4. The System Settings Dialog box is opened.
  5. Click on the Appearance icon under the Personal Section.
  6. The Appearance screen is displayed. Click on the Behavior tab.
  7. Click on the

Windows 10 unveiled


Microsoft recently announced its latest version of Windows Operating system, Windows 10 on September 30 in San Francisco. Microsoft aims to make the Windows 10 a one-all and end-all operating system for all window users who were displeased with their previous OS, Windows 8 interface. The new OS is slated to be loaded with top class features that would provide users a pleasant experience using the OS.

Some of the top features of windows 10 are discussed below:

  • Return of the start menu 

When Microsoft released Windows 8, it came under criticism from the users for removing the start menu …

How to Remove Forgotten PASSCODE Unlock For Mac Computers, 2 Simple Tricks


Today, in the computer age we all tend to rely a lot on our computers to store and access important information relating to our personal and professional lives. To keep the information safe and secure we all use passwords for our computers to restrict access by others. But what happens if you forget the Pass code? If you are using a Mac computer and have forgotten your password, you need not fret about it there are a few tricks by which you can unlock your computer and gain access to your system.

Trick 1: Resetting the Mac Password using

How to Use Bluetooth Adapter on Window 8


With the rapid advancement in the computer technology it is now possible to connect various additional devices like printers, audio devices, mouse, keyboards, mobile phones, remotes, headphones, camera and other device through Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth is essentially a wireless technology that allows communication between electronic devices without the use of any physical cable. It is a short range communication medium and it usually works within the range of 30-50 meters. It makes data transfer easy and quick. Not to mention, without the hassles of internet connectivity issues and long cables.

Today, most of the modern computer systems powered by windows …

How to Make Your Android Faster, 6 Secret tricks to make your android run super fast


The android devices are everywhere in the market. It is one of the most popular operating systems besides the iOS and the windows. Today, the mobile market is flooded with a wide range of low and middle range to high end smart phones and tablets. No matter if you buy a low budget phone or a high end device, these devices are bound to slow down eventually due to the daily usage. However, there are various techniques through which you can make your android faster and enhance its performance. The top tips are mentioned below:

1) Update your software

Android …