6 Steps to Solve Frequent Crashing of Google Chrome


Crashing of Google Chrome is not a very unfamiliar problem for any web user.  Most of us know the boxed, eye popped, tongue hanging out character and the line “He’s dead, Jim!” pretty well; but when you start to see this message quite frequently, it not only becomes bothering but also indicates that there is a problem with your system. Thankfully, most of the times, this problem can be fixed within minutes. You should perform the following tasks one by one to repair your Google Chrome. You will also need to check the action of each of the steps after completing it, to ensure if it has worked.

Step 1: Run Google Chrome Cleaning Tool 

Google has created an active tool to clean up the browser from anything that might be muddling with its normal operations. You just need to download the Software Removal tool. As the program will restart, it will give you the option to reset your browser settings. This can be very helpful to fix regular crashes of Google Chrome.

Step 2: Check for Malware 

Malware can interfere with the normal functioning of Google Chrome, and they can even hamper the normal functioning of your system in many other ways. Checking your total system with reputed full-fledged antivirus software can be effective to remove these malware from your system, and to check the problem of regular crashing of Google Chrome.

Step 3: Check for Incompatible Software 

Some software present in your system, can conflict with Google Chrome, leading to its regular crash. A number of network related software can be the culprit in this case. Type Chrome://conflicts in the address bar and press enter. This page will show you if there is any software in your system that is known to conflict with Chrome. Once you point that software, you can update it to the latest version to check if it can work along with chrome, or you can simply disable or uninstall it from your machine.

Step 4: Ensure that the Flash is in best health 

It has been observed that often, Google Chrome crashes are caused due to crashing of Flash. If you are experiencing Shockwave Flash crashes regularly, you might disable the internal plugin of Flash and use the standard plugin available with Google Chrome.

Step 5: Fix issues with system files 

In case of frequent Google Chrome crashes, it is suggested to run the SFC.EXE/SCANNOW application to check and fix any issue with the system files of your PC. For this, locate command prompt from the Start Menu, right-click on it and opt for Run as Administrator. Write the above mentioned command in the Command Prompt, press Enter. Windows will automatically start scanning the computer for issues and will fix any problem found.

Step 6: Change your profile

A corrupted profile can be the cause of frequent Google Chrome crash. This can be checked by creating a new profile from the Setting Screen of Google Chrome. The Settings page can be opened from the main Menu of Chrome, and new user profile can be set. Once the new profile is created you can change to it to check if the crashes continue.

In case any of the above does not work, and the frequent crash of Google Chrome continues, you might need to check out for hardware issues with your system.