Adding stock photos to Google documents

Store Your Memories with the Advanced Google Docs

Your photos are your assets, which reminds you of the moments you have passed but still wish to keep with you. We keep photographs of our own childhood, photographs of our parents, families, pets, our children, friends etc. Many of us have the passion of photography and often take photos of different scenes of many landscapes and animals etc. With the arrival of the digitally operated camera and the digital storage media, we are able to store better quality photos for a longer time. There are certain disadvantages too. Suppose at any pint of time is our hard drive crashes or the computer requires a fresh installation of the operating system, all our valuable instances of memory will be lost eventually.

To avoid such problems, we require a reliable storage. We can stock photos in Google’s server mush efficiently with Google’s project, Google docs. As we store our valuable moments in the Google docs, we can feel absolute safety that we won’t lose our stock photos ever. Google documents can be stored in the Google docs which is a free web based office suite sponsored by Google. The Google docs for handling the Google documents are basically a joint venture of two projects. One is the Spreadsheet by the Google labs and the other is Upstartle’s Writely. The Writely program launched in 2005 just before one year of the launch of Spreadsheet. Later Google acquired the Writely program.

Google docs are basically online software, which combines a word processor along with other facilities that general word processing software has. You can create documents, spreadsheets, power point presentation etc all the office features in the new Google docs. Google docs also act as an online storage of your data. You can store up to 1GB of Google documents in Google docs. You can even stock photos in the Google docs as your personal online stock photo album accessible from anywhere at any time.

Here, the basic steps of storing your stock photos in Google docs will be highlighted:

• First you have to open your Google docs account in your web browser.

• Then select the “Insert” menu at the top of the Google docs page.

• A drop down menu list will appear. You have to select the “image” option therefrom.

• At the left side of your screen, you have to click on the “stock photos” option then.

• Then you have to provide a proper name of your album that suits your stock photo category most.

• You can even select an image to provide you the visual about your album.

• For this, you have to select an image and then re-size it as your desire.

Google documents can be stored in a variety of file formats n the user’s local computer from the Google docs. The allowed file formats are Text, HTML, PDF, RTF, ODF, and Microsoft Office etc. Google cares for your data with the auto save features that saves your data automatically on Google’s servers. Your stock photos are your assets. Keep them with you forever with Google docs.