Android Apps to Google Task your Missed Calls

Think for a while that you are busy in a conference or in an office meeting and in the meantime your phone rings. You could not reply the phone or didn’t get a chance to call back within two hours. Later you will generally forget while committing your duties for that day. If the phone call is not answered, it may convey a negative sense about you to the caller. Well, don’t get afraid as you are living in the era of Google.

The advanced Google task enables you to remember your missed calls and save them automatically to your pending work list. Currently this Google task feature is only available on Android platform. There are many exciting apps for Android already in the market. is a very elegant gesture based apps for android phones which puts all the missed call entries in a to-do list. With the help of the apps for android, you can easily and effectively store all the missed contacts in a list for making calls to those numbers later. The apps are also synchronized with Google. So whenever a new entry gets listed, the apps for Android readily send it to your G mail id. No mater, if you forget to check the list in your phone, you can get lists of missed call entries from your G mail.

The beauty of this Google task is that it is synchronized with the Android apps. Android as an operating system has created a revolution in the world of software. Apps for Android is basically developed with the help of the Java programming language. The platform is particularly favorite amongst the mobile phone developers. Most of the modern day phone software are developed for the Android platform. The apps for Android have to use a position in the spirit of the mobile phone users across the Globe with the most advanced features, ultra attractive graphics and a huge range of services. There are millions of apps for Android are already available in the market.

The software development kit (SDK) for Android includes debugger, libraries and handset emulators with a vast range of tutorials, documents and sample codes. The SDK for Android has particular advantages for the software developers. This is the reason behind the fact that till April 2011, over 2 Lacs apps for Android have been developed.

There are huge varieties of Android Applications prevalent in the market. The most interesting issue with Android is that most of the apps are absolutely free of cost. The integration of the Android Apps with the Google tasks makes the life of your easier. Google has already presented its office editor Google Docs as a basic venture to replace the necessity of office software installed on your computer’s hard drive. The Android apps for saving missed call is synchronized with Google task, which makes our life a bit easier. With the Android and Google task, your electronic device will serve you as a human secretary guiding through your schedules, reminders, alerts and many other necessary things.