Best 5 Must Have Application For The New Windows 8 Os

The new windows operating system has many surprises for its users. If you have recently upgraded to Windows 8, then you must by wondering about what apps to install in its new live tiles metro look start screen. There are many 3rd party apps that are more productive than inbuilt applications and features.  You should take advantage of such apps to get more out of your Windows 8 PC and mobile.

  • AccuWeather
  • Metro Commander
  • News Bento
  • Shazam
  • Norton Satellite

You need to go to the Windows store and search for the respective app to install it. There are hundreds of apps in the Windows store. A careful picking will give you widely optimized Windows 8 experience that you will love.

Weather info & forecast with AccuWeather

This is a nice looking weather app with animated weather reports and hourly forecast. This app looks great on your start screen and gives you instant weather information. You can easily set your area with its location search module, and you can change your location whenever you want. If you are using this app on your GPS enabled windows phone, then the location will automatically get changed as you move across places. This is an interesting app for frequent travelers.

Manage files & folders with Metro Commander

You have file explorer inside windows 8 after hitting the desktop app. However, Windows 8 does not feature a file manager for its metro start interface. You can certainly get some relief with the new Metro Commander. It is a UI based file manager for the windows 8 start panel. You can easily access and manage your local files and folders with this app without navigating to your desktop or computer. Fantastic app that gives you a real smartphone environment feels out of your Windows 8 PC.

Stay updated on the latest news with News Bento

Reading latest news about your favorite topics is easy when you use News Bento on your Windows 8 device. With its rich colorful interface, and tile based news categorization, will offer you the best news reading experience online. You can also subscribe to your favorite RSS feeds and easily click to read latest news articles.


Exciting app that offers you a unique functionality called song analysis and reporting. Suppose, you are listening to a beautiful unknown track on the radio and you want to know more about the song like; the song name, artist, genre etc. You can easily do it by Shazam. This app smartly analyzes the wave signal of a song and searches its database for a perfect match. This app is worth trying if you are a music lover and want in-depth knowledge about music.

Norton Satellite

You have done so much for entertainment and enrichment. Now, it is time for some additional security on your windows 8 device. The Norton Satellite is a powerful link scanning app that scans your Facebook and Dropboxlinks. This app also monitors your twitter feeds for unwanted threats that can affect your system. This is an extra layer of security you should try after a full length anti-virus system.