Camfrog Video Chat: Things To Know About This Software

Camfrog is one of the most frequently used chat rooms and popular, as well. This software is capable of connecting with users in video chat rooms. The most noticeable advantage of this software is that during the process of chatting the cam user also gets an opportunity for viewing each other without getting into the complications of the process of licensing.

How to use Camfrog?

Lets us summarize in the following points as how to use this Camfrog video chat:

  • The first thing that you have got to do is to download the software from the relevant sources or install it in your computer.
  • The registration process is compulsory in order to get a new username and password for logging on to this software.
  • The data that is to be provided for registration process may or may not be real, which is primarily intended for issues related to security.
  • After the process of installation and registration, you will be able to open the Camfrog video application with the username and password with which you have registered.
  • Thereafter, you have to click on the list of rooms according to the region to which you belong or choose a category.
  • In order to enter the Camfrog video chat room. You will have to choose the rooms that are available and obtain the list that will be displayed. The rooms of the users will be displayed on the right hand of the column with blue icon for men and red icon for female.
  • You may click on the room of another user and engage in a private chat.

The unique feature of Camfrog

Camfrog video chat is one of the first and foremost tools that are equipped with different features and the best thing about this video chat is that it will allow you to create your own chat room. With the help of a Camfrog server, which is not real, this feature can be implemented in a convenient manner. Besides this, third party software can also be merged with various website portals.

Reviews of Camfrog video chatting

The following reviews of Camfrog video chat is to be noted carefully before using this application for private chat:

  • The interface of this software can be easily operated or it is easy to navigate.
  • However, Camfrog does not allow its users to call on the landline or mobile phone, make calls from one PC to another or use video messages.
  • However, there are other features that are quite enticing such as it helps users to use text along with the video, obtaining messages that are unknown and unwanted through IM catcher.
  • The security feature of Camfrog is not sufficient as there is only one password that is used for protection.
  • Camfrog passes on the personal information of users to other resources for marketing and promotion.
  • Camfrog will help you to get answer to all your questions in an effective manner through a help link.

In short, it can be said that Camfrog video chat is an ideal way of socializing with other people although it lacks in one of the primary features that are present in other chat rooms.