How can we download movies from

Youtube is considered as a fantastic source of entertainment. You can get a lot of songs, rare video clips and movies through the YouTube. There are a lot of funny videos to rejuvenate your mood, few rare videos and songs may take you into the time of the flashback. Hence, no wonder that it is one of the most popular and busy website in the online world. Not only entertainment, it is now frequently getting used for the purpose of the online marketing and branding. YouTube videos have become the bull’s eye for the online marketers.

However, there is a small problem with the YouTube, you can only watch the videos, but you cannot have them as YouTube do not provide any download video option. This is not something cool! Is not it? Some videos are worth to be kept forever into the hard disk. If you are a movie freak, then, you may also want to download the movies so that you can view them at them at any time. However, nothing is impossible in this world. So, is there any way to download the video directly from the internet? The answer is yes!

There are several methods to download a Youtube video, and you do not have to pay a dime for that! In this article, we will confer those methods for download a YouTube video. These methods are easy, and anyone can imply these. You do not have to be a web expert or a software professional for this. Using a few simple tools will solve our purpose. Now, have a close look on the methods for downloading a Youtube video from the internet directly:


This is a simple YouTube video downloading option. There are not so many features, but it is an effective Youtube downloader. With this, you can even send a Youtube video via emails to your friends. It is a popular and very authentic medium for downloading the Youtube videos.


This is another simple website which provides simple Youtube video download option to the users. Keepvid download is an efficient and multi-tasking tool. Not just the Youtube videos but you can also download the other videos from different online video streaming websites. Keepvid downloader provides videos in FLV format which you can play via VLC player.

Video Downloader

Video Downloader is quite similar to the Keepvid. The only difference is that it can provide videos in different extensions. Even, you can download the FireFox extension. This mediacoder included video downloader is very handy.

YouTube Downloader

This is an advanced Youtube video downloading tool. You have the option to download the videos along with the extension that you want. You can also download them in high quality formats too. This is a popular tool and has a global recognition for fast and easy Youtube video download. All you need to do is to copy the video URL and paste it over this tool and click on the download. The video will be downloaded in a few minutes with the extension that you have selected.


This is another eminent Youtube video downloader. This is also quite fast and truly reliable. Even the blocked country’s videos can be easily downloaded through this awesome tool.

Hence, these are most common methods to download the YouTube videos. Hope you enjoyed reading and found it worth!