What is Ccleaner and what is its use?

Registry is one of the most important parts of the Windows operating system. It is basically core memory storage where it accumulates data for every setting of the files and folders. It includes the user-defined settings too. Keeping this registry clean in an organized order is a big hassle. Over the time, it gets messed up, and it is a natural process, if the maintenance work has not been taken place. Mainly, this clutter happens due to the installation of several applications and software. Un-installation of these applications is also responsible for the mess in the registry.

Now the big question is – what are the aftermaths of this registry clutter? Well, generally, this will make your system slow and you may experience constant lagging of your system. Is not it frustrating to work on such a system which is really slow to react on the user commends? Hence, getting out of this registry clutter problem is very essential for a smooth performance of your system. Even, the registry clutter can make your system unstable, and you may experience things like – data or file damage, program crush, etc.

Now, the most important part is to know the solution of this problem. Even though, the registry of Windows is not easy to clean, but there is a solution. In this article, we will find out the solution for cleaning the registry without underging many hustles and bustles. To understand this, you do not have to be a computer expert or a technically sound person. The process is easy, and you can perform it by your own. Using a third party registry cleaner is the best solution to keep your Windows registry neat and clean. Ccleaner is an example of such application. It is a very handy tool and easy to use third party registry cleaning tool.

Why Ccleaner?

Well, there are so many third party registry cleaners available. Thus, the common question arises is that – why Ccleaner? The answer is simple. It is the best and most reliable third party registry cleaner. It will not harm your computer or your data. The precise performance is another featuring point of Ccleaner. The interface of this tool is pretty user-friendly, and if you are a little bit pro with the computer handling, then using this will be a thoroughly easy experience for you. It is not only effective for the registry cleaning, but also very useful for cleaning the temporary files.


A number of advantages are associated with the Ccleaner registry cleaner. Have a close look on them:

•         It is fully compatible with the different Windows versions. Whether you are using Win XP or Win 7, it does not matter!

•         Easy to use and user-friendly.

•         Though, it is a third party application, but it is not a threat for the Windows OS. It is completely safe.


Is it possible to find anything that is fully perfect? Ccleaner has some drawbacks too. The biggest disadvantage of this tool is that it cannot give backup utility for the users. This is really unfortunate!

Despite of having a few drawbacks, it can be concluded that Ccleaner is one of the most trusted and effective registry cleaner, which also have some added benefits like temporary files removal. Hence, for the Windows users, it is highly recommended.