Different Methods for Sharing Large Files over the Internet

Previously, sharing large files through the internet was not possible. But technology revolved rapidly and now, we can share large files over the internet via several methods. Through the free web based mailing services, we can send files up to 20MB. But 20 MB is not enough! Isn’t it? Now, there are plenty of services available through which you can share large video files, audio file or other important documents with your friends and colleagues. Some of us send large files by divided into small units through the electronic mails. But this is not a good approach. To overcome this situation, mainly three kinds of large file sharing methods are employed. In this article, we will discuss those three easy file sharing methods.

File sharing through Web Hosting Services

At present, the demand is high for proper and reliable and fast web hosting services into the e-market. This is the most convenient as well as easiest way of sharing large files. There are several websites, which are offering free file storage services. All you have to do is to get registered into their website first and then start sharing your file, as per their instructions, terms and conditions. Upload speed is good and depends on the size of your files. To avail the best results and enjoy the best sharing through these websites, you have to become a premium member. Premium members have been privileged to upload and download files at high speed.

Once you upload your desired file, a unique link will be created. This link is the location of your file in the ‘www’ directory. You can share that link with your friends so that they can download the file with just a mouse click on the download button. Few of these websites are Medifire.Com, Rapidshare.Com, Megaupload.Com, FileShare.Com, Freakshare.Com, DropSend.Com, etc. Each of them has different terms and conditions for sharing files. Box is a marvellous file sharing website which provides the maximum file sharing storage. You can enjoy uploading files up to 1 GB through this website.

Sharing files through P2P Networking

Peer to Peer or P2P networking is a method of sharing files over the internet. People often use this service to transfer files directly from one computer to another and surprisingly, they do not require any intermediary server. By employing this method of files sharing, you can share files of any sizes. First, you need a P2P client, so that you can control the sharing as per your needs and desire. BitComet is a popular P2P client, through which you can control your file sharing. You can pause of permanently stop and resume while transferring a file.

For file sharing through P2P networking, both sender and receiver have to stay online; otherwise, file sharing will be stopped automatically.

File sharing through FTP networking protocol

FTP is regarded as a secure communication protocol, and it has so many advantages over HTTP too. Irrespective of the content, you can transfer large files effectively through the FTP networking protocol. It is a secure medium as you can bar the access of the cyber predators from viewing or downloading your files. Moreover, you have to provide right username and password to share your files as in this method files are transferred through individual FTP account.

Encryption of the digital information is an advanced option that FTP providers give to their customers. It facilitates you to encrypt you file with a ‘code’, before uploading.

Hence, these are the easy method of sharing large files over the internet. Hope you enjoyed reading!