Five Awesome & Free Productivity Apps for Android

You may have purchased a new android phone. You are clueless on how you can utilize your new smartphone for your professional work. You should know that there are plenty of office and productivity apps for android that come handy to you. You can download these apps from Google play store and start using right away. There are hundreds of productivity apps on android but these five has finally reached to the top of the list:

  1. Google Currents
  2. Evernote
  3. Asana Mobile
  4. Remember The Milk
  5. Any.Do

You just need to logon to Google play store by following this link or you can use the Play store app from your mobile for instant access. Search the apps by using the search box and download them on your mobile.

Google Currents for RSS feeds and offline reading

Recently Google has unveiled its new genius called ‘Google Currents’. This app replaces the Google reader functionality with improved interface and features. You can use this app to read online magazines and subscribe to RSS feeds. You get instant access to some of the best online publishing editions including the TechCrunch, The Guardian, PBS and more. This app has a fast scan feature for easy readability.

Take important notes on the go with Evernote

It is a superior app for note-taking. This app helps you in remembering things in an efficient way through its open platform and cloud based integration. This is a very useful app for taking notes in form of text, audio, video, photos, webpage or files. You can access the notes from anywhere with its free cloud storage service.

Streamline your tasks with Asana Mobile

It is a very useful app for the people who work in a team. You can keep track of your upcoming tasks and projects by assigning tasks. This app helps you centralize the project management and communication within a team. This app is free to use for a maximum of 30 clients linked to a single collaboration.

Task management simplified by Remember The Milk

You cannot find any better app for simple task management other than RTM. This app unifies your daily to-do list in a simplistic interface. You can easily add new tasks and set reminders. This app gives you mobility in organizing and prioritizing your tasks on the go. It is a web based application. Therefore, you can effortlessly keep track of your to-do list from anywhere and from any platform.

 Any.Do offers simplistic task management and workflow

This app is similar to the traditional task managing apps with a twist. With Any do, you can create multiple To-do lists and manage all of them at the same time. This app helps you prioritize your tasks and gives you reminder accordingly. There is a ‘plan you day’ option that you can use to easily assign your daily tasks. You can also customize its layout and functionality as per your definite requirements. It has a synchronization function for fetching your existing task lists from Google Task Sync.