Five Reasons to Use an Open Platform Cloud Browser – Maxthon

The idea of browsing the web seamlessly has finally taken shape with Maxthon Cloud Browser. It is a recent development of this platform independent browser that was familiar as MyIE2. You get some significant features like; cloud integration, fast browsing, cross platform synchronization and many more that has made this browser a highly anticipated one this year. This browser support Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android platform. So, you can get a unified browsing experience across many devices. This browser has ranked in the top 5 browser category along with IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera, consecutively on 2011 and 2012.

The simple and user friendly interface

The interface of Maxthon browser is unique in its outlook. If you are a IE or Firefox user, then you will find significant differences in looks and accessibilities in this browser. It may trouble you for sometimes, but with time, you will get habituated of using innovative and user optimized interface of Maxthon. In its latest edition, Maxthon features unique mouse gesture facility that you won’t find in any other browser in its category. You also have retro mode to view webpages that are incompatible with the latest HTML 5 browser. Maxthon also features night mode feature for comfort internet surfing at low light.

The cloud advantage

The cloud browsing concept is relatively new and users are yet to taste the awesome features it offers. Suppose, you have Maxthon in your PC and you have specific configuration of bookmarks, security settings, and other browser specific settings. You can easily sync those settings to your android phone if you have Maxthon installed in it. All your user specific settings will remain the same in all platforms. This is called seamless browsing and this browser has excelled in it.You can easily save your favorite webpages and take note on the cloud server that can be accessed from any devices.

Fast browsing experience

Maxthon is lightning fast when it comes to the loading time of webpages and redirecting to a page from a link. You will definitely feel the speed rush in Maxthon if you are a conventional IE user. You will also get some exclusive features that will give you a pleasant web surfing experience. The features are:

  • Magic Fill
  • Source Sniffer
  • Skynote
  • Do Not Track
  • Ad Hunter

 You can use these functions for a less annoying and convenient web surfing. You can also take screenshot of a particular webpage by using the ‘Snap’ function represented by a camera icon in the toolbar. You can easily share the page with others in image format with the help of this exclusive feature.

Optimum privacy& security

This new cloud browser gives you complete security and web surfing safety. Maxthon has an in-built safe site feature that classifies a webpage as safe or as risky. As soon as you logon to a site, the browser notifies you accordingly. You can also find your web surfing experience free from phishing attacks or malicious content because Maxthon automatically blocks all the potential threats.

You can download this browser from maxthon click on the specific platform link and the browser will be downloaded and installed on your device.