Free Cloud Based Apps For Your Android Smartphone You Must Use

Cloud computing is a modern concept that has already created much hype to the smartphone users. If you own an android smartphone, then you definitely know about apps. You download games and other utility apps from Google play store. Have you ever thought about the real potential of your smartphone? It is not just a high end device that only features GPS, high resolution camera and SNS integration. It is something more than these basic features. You can use fantastic cloud based android apps for effective productivity and synchronization purpose for your professional and personal needs. Some of the best cloud apps for android are described here:

 You can also download these apps by login to the Google Play store app on your phone or by simply following this link you need to use the search box provided there and look for the apps by searching by the name.

 Sync your digital photos and folders with SugarSync

You can easily use this free app to sync all your photos and folders on the phone to your cloud storage location. After a successful synchronization, you can access these files from your other devices such as laptop and tablets by using this app or you can also use the web interface. This app is very useful for the people who click photos randomly with their phone. The photos get synchronized at the background and you can remove the photos from your phone to create space for more snaps.You will get a free 5GB cloud space for online backup.

Comprehensive cloud experience with Dropbox

This is one of the much-admired cloud based sync app for android and other smartphone platforms. It has an initial capacity of 2GB on the cloud. This is totally a free service where you can sync all your data to the cloud space and access the same with any android device and PC. Dropbox has a simple interface and thereby an ideal cloud based app for the beginners.

Get massive cloud storage facility with Skydrive

Microsoft always comes with innovative ideas on everything they develop. The Skydrive is the perfect example of this. You get a massive 25GB of free storage facility with this free to use app. You will also get a cross platform data backup experience with this app at it is available for Windows 7, Windows 8, MAC, iOS and Android.

Automatic cloud backup facility with Mozy

It is a versatile app with secured cloud backup and access facilities. You can do anything, relevant to data backup, with this app. You get secured aces to its cloud storage and you can back up your files, folders, music, photos and videos to a centralized storage system that can be accessed from anywhere and from any devices. You just need to have an android phone with the version 2.0 or higher. This cloud based utility app features a unique facility of viewing your photos as thumbnails for faster access. You can download the full length photo as per your requirement.