Get Amazing Productivity Experience With Tiny USB Office 1.6

Have you ever thought of carrying your own small office in your pocket? You can certainly do it in reality by using a portable office productivity freeware suite that fits in your USB flash drive quiet easily. You just need to plug in the drive to any PC and start your office work right away. It is an amazing concept that is materialized by Tiny USB Office 1.6. You can download this suite from here.

This freeware office productivity suite has all the basic features of a retail office suite. This software bundle is so lightweight (2.5MB) that it fits in a corner of your flash drive. You should get this utility for emergency purpose when everything goes wrong with your office computers and software functions.  Some of the vital features are:

  • Word processing via Kpad
  • File compression via 100k zipper
  • PDF file creation via PDF producer
  • Spreadsheet creation via Spread32

The Kpad word-processing utility

Kpad is much like Windows WordPad with basic RTF functionalities you require mostly for word document processing and editing. It is an open source alternative for any multi-format word processor, which comes under this light-weight bundle. You can create, edit, save, and print your documents. In Kpad, documents will be saved as Rich Text Format extension (.rtf) that can be saved in any other popular format later on.

The 100k Zipper compression utility

 Easily compress multiple files and folders in one single ZIP file with this small compression utility. You can use this utility for easy email attachments and document portability. The compressed files are fully compatible with other compression tools which support .zip extension. You can also extract an existing zip file with this tiny little program that comes handy with this office bundle. This utility works very fast in compressing and decompressing you useful office files and folders.

PDF Producer for instant PDF file conversion

Create PDF files easily from your text documents with this software. This is much like a PDF printer that prints your text files in virtual PDF format. This is a so useful utility for office productivity that you cannot live without. PDF is a universal document format that is used for creating non-editable text documents such as forms, reports, and resumes. The fonts and the page layout used in the writing remain intact in a PDF file. Therefore, people can see the exact same copy of the original word document without any errors in formatting due to the incompatibility of fonts and extensions.

Create quality spreadsheets with Spread32

This is like a portable Excel program that you can carry in your pocket. Sometimes, you need to check emails, and download .xls attachments from a computer where no spreadsheet program is installed. In such demanding situation, you can use this tiny portable software to open, edit, and review excel files and reply back to the sender. The files you create from Spread32 are fully accessible via other spreadsheet programs that support text, csv, xls, or pxl formats.

If you want to know more about the other features of Tiny USB Office 1.6, click here.