Get Professional Quality Photo Editing Productivity Suite For Free

You spend dollars on your best photo editing software and its continuous upgrades. You can certainly get similar productivity results with a free photo editing software available online. If you are a beginner in editing and retouching work of your clicks, then the PhotoScape software might be of immense help to you.You will get a fun filled experience using this software with its slick and easy interface design. You can easily repair the flaws in a digital photo and enhance it as per your artistic sense. You will get professional quality results in web publishing, and printing job of photos.

This freeware has all the basic and advanced editing features for a perfectly finished editing work for your raw images. Some useful features are:

  • Photo viewer
  • Editor
  • Photo Combine
  • Print

 The Photo viewing utility

With the PhotoScape suite, you get a basic photo viewing feature that is useful in watching photos in the full screen format on your computer.You can view all the photos in a folder by opening them with the photo viewer utility in one single click. You can also create slideshows with the photos saved on your computer. This is a handy utility that is compulsory in any photo editing software. The default photo viewer in your computer has certain limitations of properly managing and viewing all the photos with fast rendering speed. You can use the PhotoScape viewer as a compulsory alternative to the default photo viewing software.

A professional photo editor

PhotoScape comes with comprehensive photo editing features that you can only find in mainstream photo editors. You can find all the basic editing features such as; resizing, cropping, color balance, red eye removal etc. There are some advanced photo enhancements features are well integrated within PhotoScape. Some of the features are; paint brush, effect brush, filters, and clone stamp. You can use all these features for upmost productivity and professional results.

The unique photo combine feature

This feature is also familiar as photo collage maker. You can add multiple photos in one single frame and create a collage that is ideal for cover printing of magazines and books. The PhotoScape combine feature lets you combine photos in artistic manner for a smooth finish of your editing work. You can also add text on the combined frame for efficient illustration. You will not find this feature on your default photo editing software on windows. The easily adjustable opaque setting lets you overlap a shaded photo with a vivid one for professional retouching.

Print high quality photos with PhotoScape

You can use the PhotoScape software as your personal photo publishing utility. The integration of printing module offers you flexible printing solutions for your finished images. The resolution of photos remains intact on the printing quality. You can pre-configure the print option for high quality, normal quality, and economic print quality settings for optimal printing productivity. You can also print graphs, calendars, business cards and many more useful hardcopy layouts with the ‘Paper Print’ function.

You can download and try this unique photo editing freeware from here:

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