How To Get Maximum Battery Life On Your Android Phone Without Using Any Apps

Android delivers fast paced smartphone experience with loads of functions and customization features. With its open architecture design, an android phone offers you many battery saving features that can be used in any combination to save battery life to a considerable extent. Tweaking some of the settings will let you use your phone for a longer time that you are using it previously. There are also some 3rd party apps that claim to save battery life by automatically toggling its system settings. Using such apps seems convenient and easy for you. However, getting a system wise idea of how it works will let you manually make the right settings for you.

Step-by-Step guide

1.    Get an overall battery usage idea by navigating to the Setting >About phone > Battery use. The path is almost the same in all the android distribution from Gingerbread to Jellybean. Here, you will get a list of background process and their respective battery usage.

2.    From this battery use menu, you will find that the most juice sucking process is the device Display. You can reduce the brightness level and replace the live wallpaper with a fixed one to optimize the display power usage. You can access the display settings by navigating to Settings > Sound & Display > Brightness. Reduce the brightness by moving the slider to the left till you get a comfortable viewing experience.

3.    Now, set the screen timeout feature to a shorter length that it is set currently to get more out of your battery. You can access this menu by Settings > Sound & display > Screen timeout. You can set it to 30 seconds for get maximum battery saving.

4.    You can also turn off the Wi-Fi feature when not in use. This will save a significant amount of juice from your battery. You can toggle the Wi-Fi function by navigating to the Settings > Wireless controls > Wi-Fi. You need to toggle it off whenever you are not using it. You can easily turn it on as you use the feature.

5.    If you phone has a hardware GPS receiver, then you can turn it off and save battery power when you do not require it. You can access the GPS functionality by following this navigation path: Settings > Security & location > Enable GPS satellites. Tick the respective option off as per requirement.

6.    You can further save battery power by turning off the phone vibration facility. You android phone vibrates by default when you get an incoming call, notification or as you touch and type SMS. If you do not require this facility, then you can turn it off at the Settings > Sound & display > Phone vibrate

7.    Easily toggle between settings and features by using the power control widget that comes preloaded with your android device. This widget gives you the convenience of toggling many power consuming features right from your home screen. You can instantly enable and disable Bluetooth, GPS, brightness level, Wi-Fi etc. without navigating to their respective paths. This small utility save time and saves battery power at the same time.

8.    You can watch this video for further battery optimization tips to the last drop of it at youtube.