How to Officially Record Your Windows 7 PC Screen

Sometimes people need to make video tutorials about a topic to offer a clear idea. If you run a tutorial blog, then you may have faced the challenges in making one perfect video tutorial that looks professional. The screen recording job should not be funny and immature with a shaky mobile camera in front of your monitor! Windows 7 users can easily take screenshots with the help of the in-built ‘Snipping tool’. However, you need special software for the purpose of recording your computer screen when you are giving a clear-cut idea about something. You now have a reliable and easy way of recording screen officially with the use of a free screen recording utility by Microsoft.

How to get the Screen Record Utility

  • The official screen record utility program from Microsoft is available for free. You can easily obtain this utility application here.
  • If the download does not start automatically after clicking the link, then you can copy the link, paste it on your browser address bar and hit Enter.
  • The download will naturally begin. After downloading, you just need to install the <UtilityOnlineMarch092009_03.exe> file. This is actually a self-extraction package of the software. After successful extraction, you can find the extracted package at the root destination of your local drive C:. Select the right version from the 32/64bit according to the type of OS on your system, and start the installation by double clicking the ScreenRecorder.msi file.
  • Some users may face application crashes with a “Screen recorder has stopped working” dialogue. This issue mostly happens with the 32Bit editions of Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7. In such situation, you can easily download and apply a possible fix from microsoft.
  • If you are facing similar crash issues, then download this fix and run it with administrator privilege. You can easily do it by Right Click on the fix and then select ‘Run as administrator’ option.

How to use the Screen Recorder

  • After successful installation, you can launch this utility from the desktop shortcut.
  • Now, you will get a compact interface of the Screen Recorder. You just need to hit the drop-down menu and select proper recording option like; full screen, windowed mode etc. You can also specify a program here. The screen recording will be automatically triggered as you launch the program.
  • After selecting your screen recording criteria hit the OK button. This will redirect you to the camera interface. Here, you can specify your microphone for the purpose of voice recording on-the-fly along with screen recording.
  • You need to specify the recording location and file name on the camera option menu by clicking on the upper most panel.
  • Now, click the green colored start button to start your recording. You can also pause, resume and stop at any time with the respective buttons available in this interface.
  • After hitting the ‘Start’ button, the screen recording will begin. If you have specified a program earlier, then the recording feature will begin only if you launch the respective program.
  • After a successful recording of your tutorial, click on the red colored ‘Stop’ button to finish and save the recording file to the pre-configured destination.

You can certainly give a finishing touch and text scrolling beneath the video by editing your recorded video at Windows Movie Make. You can also share the video on YouTube and Facebook directly from the Movie Maker interface.