How To Publish Portable Software Packages For Free

Making portable applications has certain advantages. You can easily take them along with you in a flash drive. You just need to double click the executable and your favorite application will launch instantly. People use portable apps for this feature. There are also some additional features like; compatibility, system security, and using of multiple editions of the same software on a single system. A potable application does not change your system registry settings. Therefore, you can ensure optimum system security without any threats of using a malware like application.

The solution

Making portable application is easy and you do not require any expert software development knowledge for this purpose. You just require to use a freeware called ‘P-Apps’. This is a powerful application that takes a snapshot of a software installation process and makes a portable package from the installation files and the changes it makes to your system. The software works in a very simple fashion. It performs a Pre-Scan of the system. Then, it asks you to install an application that you want to make portable. Finally, it performs a Post-Scan action of the system to determine the changes made during the installation. This procedure systematically buildsportablepackages that can run on any system, irrespective of its compatibility to the host OS and the system requirements.

How to obtain P-Apps

You can get this freeware from here.

You can also visit the official download page from here  and fill up the user details form to get the latest edition of this software to your personal email account.

You need .NET Framework 3.5 to be installed on your system as it is a pre-requisite of installing P-Apps.

.NET framework 3.5 is already there on your Windows 8 and Windows 7 PCs if you have automatic updates enabled.

For Windows XP and Vista users, you can download this utility from here

How to use P-Apps and make portable application packages

You can follow this easy step-by-step guide to make your first portable application. The P-Apps offers you an easy to understand wizard based interface that will guide you through the whole process of making a portable application.

  1. Launch the P-Apps application by double clicking on the shortcut icon at desktop.
  2. The wizard interface comes up at the screen. You will get a Pre-scan snapshot feature at the first screen. Click on the PreScan button at the bottom of the screen to start the process.
  3. After the pre scan completes, click on next to access the next step of ‘install your Application’ click on the next button to proceed.
  4. Make sure that no other background apps are running except system apps. Now, install software that you want to make portable. Choosing a simple application at the beginning stage lets you experience a smooth processing and successful package creation. You can try using a lightweight browser like Firefox or a media player like Winamp.
  5. After you install an application, the Post – Scan process starts.
  6. Now, select the entry point of the software from the Launch File screen and click next.
  7. Select a system mode from the mode selection menu. You can select the High Secured mode for total application virtualization and no footprints on your system.Click on next to proceed to the destination screen where you want to save your portable application.
  8. Click on finish to publish a portable package. Try launching the portable application after the packaging process finish successfully.