How to Redefine Your HDMI Experience with Google Chromecast


When you want to visit your PC in a broader screen you often opt for an HDMI cable to connect the computer to your HDTV. But what if the solution is portable and is not limited to the length of the cable? Well Google has launched Google Chromecast which is a small HDMI dongle which tethers your TV with your computer from anywhere. It is not only cheap, it is durable as well.

The cable may cost less in the beginning but they are less tenacious and thus the overall maintenance cost gives Chromecast the required edge. Anything website or game or application that runs on Chrome Web browsers can be watched in the paired TV screen and any devices that support Chrome Web browser can be paired with the help of Chromecast. Now in the following section we are going to discuss few amazing things one can experience using Google Chromecast.

  1. A lot of channels air their shows only via internet as web videos. Those shows can be easily enjoyed by pairing your TV Screen with your laptop or PC using the Chromecast.
  2. You can watch videos in your PC or laptop’s hard drive in your big screen by mirroring them to the TV.
  3. You can actually have your Hangout Video Conference if you have paired your PC with your TV via Chromecast or other screening device similar to TV.
  4. With Chromecast the use of laptop projectors can also be reduced. If you want to present anything in front of a group of people, you can forego the projector now. All you have to do is make sure a modernized Big screen TV is present. You have to pair it with your laptop with the help of Chromecast and your presentation is ready to be seen by the audiences.

To Mirror your TV or other display device with PC connected with Chromecast you may need to follow the below steps: 

  1. Install the software for Chromecast.
  2. Once installed click on the Google cast tab on chrome.
  3. In the window select the tab to be casted and the tab will appear in your TV.
  4. To stop Casting Click on the Cast button again and Click on Stop Casting option.
  5. To Cast a different Tab open the Cast tab and click on Cast this tab option.
  6. Although declared experimental Casting Desktop works very well.
  7. To Cast your entire desktop you have to Click on the Cast button on Chrome and Click on the tiny arrow in the Upper Right Corner.
  8. A fly out of options will display from where you have to select Cast Entire Screen (Experimental) option.
  9. Some advanced features are also there in Cast Flyout.
  10. The Cast is the best of all. When you click on Cast youtube and you choose the Youtube video, your router directly streams it to your Chromecast and not to your PC to Chromecast, thus making it a much faster process.

Chromecast is indeed an amazing device which can be procured for only $35.