How To Transfer Music To Windows Phones

You may have purchased a brand new windows phone with WP7 or WP8operating system. This is a superior smartphone with advanced functionalities and features you dreamed for years. People store up music, ringtones and podcasts as soon as they buy a new smartphone. There is a significant difference from the traditional ways of transferring music to your windows phone. There are different ways people transfer music to their phones:

Bluetooth transfer
Cloud transfer
Transfer via USB cable plugged in your computer

Apart of the wireless and online method (Bluetooth and Cloud), the offline music transfer from your computerusing USB data cable is the fastest method.

Transfer music and ringtones from computer

The windows phone can be easily connected to your PC and MACvia USB cable. After successfully plugging your phone to your computer, you have two different methods of transferring your music library to your phone.

  1. Using Windows File Explorer (For WP8 models only)
  2. Using Windows Phone App (Available for Windows 7 and 8 Desktops and MAC)
  3. Using Zune Software (For WP7 models only)

Using Windows File Explorer

You need to have a WP8 phone model and a computer with Windows XP or higher versions (Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8). It is a relatively knows process of transferring music and other files to your phone SD card location via USB cable. The transfer speed is fast because the files are getting transferred locally. You can simply drag and drop the music files via windows explorer that comes in-built with Windows PC. You can also copy and paste the files in the desired folder locations in your phone. This is a very simple yet manual method transferring music to your windows phone.

Using Windows Phone App

This method only works for Windows 7 and Windows 8 PCs and a phone with WP8 operating system. This is an advanced and automatic synchronization method that you can pre-configure. First you have to install the Windows Phone App.

If you have windows desktop PC with Windows 7 OS, then you need to download the app from here.

For Windows 8 PC, you need to visit windows store and install the app to your start menu.

After downloading and installation, plugin your windows phone to the computer.Click on the music option on the app. Select the Sync music check-box and start syncing as per your preference.

Using Zune Software

In case you have the earlier WP7 edition of windows phone you can only transfer music and videos through Zune Software. This software is available on Zune marketplace.

After downloading and proper installation, you need to attach you phone to the computer via USB data cable. The software will launch automatically them moment you plug in your phone to the PC. You will get a simple interface to selectively transfer music and videos to your phone seamlessly.  To know more about the music and video transfer through Zinesoftwate visit.