How You Can Successfully Sync Your Windows Phone With PC Or MAC

There are quite a few options of easy synchronization of windows phone to your PC or MAC. It has certain advantages of syncing the phone with your computer. You can easily manage files, folders, contacts, documents etc. on your phone via Windows Explorer or the platform depended synchronization software for windows phones. The Windows Phone App is available for Windows 8 OS and MAC platform. The Windows Phone App for desktop supports Windows 7 OS. You can also download Zune software if you have a windows phone with WP7 operating system. If you are confused about the proper synchronization option then you can take the Sync Wizard tour to get you started with your new Windows Phone.

Some useful download links

For WP7 phones:

• Zune Software Supported platforms (Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
• Windows Phone App for Macintosh users For WP8 Phone
• Windows Phone App for Windows 8 PCs (visit windows store to install this app)
• Windows Phone App for desktop Supported platforms (Windows 7 and Windows 8.
• Windows Phone App for MAC PCs (download link is already given)

You can download any application from the given links according to your requirements.

The features you will get out of proper synchronization

The synchronization features depends on the method you have applied in syncing your phone to your computer. Some features are exclusively available for a specific syncing method. Some of the features are:

 1)Automatic transfer of videos and photos from phone to computer
2) Manually transferring music to the windows phone
3) Syncing all types of multimedia files

However, there is some more synchronization options that you may like to use.

The SkyDrive facility

Windows phones have exclusive cloud storage facility with SkyDrive. You can sync all your important documents on the cloud storage location. You can access your files securely from anywhere with your windows phones or any device that supports web browsing. Thereby, you will never be far from your urgent files and documents. You can download SkyDrive for various platforms from here.

Contacts and calendar synchronization

You can easily sync your professional and personal contacts and calendar events from your PC to Phone via Outlook. If you have Outlook 2013 on your PC, then you are required to create a Windows Live ID. You can easily sign up. After a successful sign up process, you need to add your live account to the Outlook on your PC. Then, start copying your contacts and events to the Live ID account by going to the People and Calendar option respectively. Now, you are all set to access al your contacts and event id you have per-configured your Live ID on your phone.

If you have Outlook 2010 or earlier versions, then you just need a connector application for connecting Hotmail to Outlook. the rest of the synchronization process will remain the same. You can easily keep track of all your emails and calendar appointments if you centrally manage them by this syncing method.