Interesting Facts About The Popular Font Creator

There is no doubt that Font Creator happens to be a scintillatingly delightful font editor that gives you the authority as well as liberty of designing almost anything that you wish to do with a font patterns as well as shapes.  This particular software program is accredited for designing the most beautiful as well as amazing font. With the help of this amazing stuff you can in fact create new font types and at the same time you can choose to edit the fonts that exist there in your system.

 It is interesting to note in this regard that every year the ratio of download is increasing in leaps and bounds. It is a whopping 3.5 millions of downloads almost in every year. The figure is enough to showcase the mounting popularity of the device. The specialty of Font Creator as a device is that all the fonts created by it look cool as well as extremely professional. You can simply choose to use them for fun as well as for any other professional purpose as well.

A great tool with great results

It is said that creating or making the designs of a font is not easy. However when you try the task out with Font Creator it surely looks like a piece of cake. The matter of fact is that the entire process gets so simplified with the meaningful intervention of Font Creator. The high end features of the tool as well as the intuitive edge of the device make it possible.

What you can do with it

A Font Creator will empower in a number of ways. For example

  • It will give you a powerhouse of font creation.
  • You can make the most of power users, font foundries as well as type designers
  • You can make the most usage of a specific design process such as glyph design
  •  You will be able to generate intelligent composites
  • You will be able to create transformation scripts that really work
  • You will be able to give vent to your creative streak in shape of powerful as well as impressive character mappings
  • With the help of this particular device you will be able to modify the looks of existing font shapes.
  • You can make efficient illustrations which will be based on vector

An introspective probe

Font Creator is known for the aspect of user friendliness. It does not matter even if you happen to be a novice or a newbie in domain of technical devices. On the basis of the instructions which are provided with the device you will surely find it to be an equipment that can be handled with great ease. Font creation is indeed a delightful act when it is done with this device. You can create your own signature, any pastern of handwriting as well as logos at ease.

High end features

Font Creator has an array of arresting features. For example

  • Great font designing
  • operational functionality
  • it is fun to work with
  • it has extra ordinary support facilities
  • open type fonts
  • diacritical marks
  • contour operations
  • Greta font setting capacity
  • Glyph validation facilities