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How to Redefine Your HDMI Experience with Google Chromecast


When you want to visit your PC in a broader screen you often opt for an HDMI cable to connect the computer to your HDTV. But what if the solution is portable and is not limited to the length of the cable? Well Google has launched Google Chromecast which is a small HDMI dongle which tethers your TV with your computer from anywhere. It is not only cheap, it is durable as well.

The cable may cost less in the beginning but they are less tenacious and thus the overall maintenance cost gives Chromecast the required edge. Anything website or …

6 Steps to Solve Frequent Crashing of Google Chrome


Crashing of Google Chrome is not a very unfamiliar problem for any web user.  Most of us know the boxed, eye popped, tongue hanging out character and the line “He’s dead, Jim!” pretty well; but when you start to see this message quite frequently, it not only becomes bothering but also indicates that there is a problem with your system. Thankfully, most of the times, this problem can be fixed within minutes. You should perform the following tasks one by one to repair your Google Chrome. You will also need to check the action of each of the steps after …

How To Publish Portable Software Packages For Free

Making portable applications has certain advantages. You can easily take them along with you in a flash drive. You just need to double click the executable and your favorite application will launch instantly. People use portable apps for this feature. There are also some additional features like; compatibility, system security, and using of multiple editions of the same software on a single system. A potable application does not change your system registry settings. Therefore, you can ensure optimum system security without any threats of using a malware like application.

The solution

Making portable application is easy and you do not …

How to Officially Record Your Windows 7 PC Screen

Sometimes people need to make video tutorials about a topic to offer a clear idea. If you run a tutorial blog, then you may have faced the challenges in making one perfect video tutorial that looks professional. The screen recording job should not be funny and immature with a shaky mobile camera in front of your monitor! Windows 7 users can easily take screenshots with the help of the in-built ‘Snipping tool’. However, you need special software for the purpose of recording your computer screen when you are giving a clear-cut idea about something. You now have a reliable and …

How To Download And Convert Online Videos For Free

People love to watch online videos as they find instant access to popular video streaming portals like; YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vevo, TubePlus etc. It does not matter where the videos are hosted and whether it has a download option or not, you can still grab them with the help of a free video streaming capture and converting software called ‘Free Video Downloader’. You have loads of additional features attached to this tiny software that are equally useful and anticipated by you.

 Free Video Downloader

With this tiny utility app, you can download unlimited number of streaming videos from almost all …

Five Reasons to Use an Open Platform Cloud Browser – Maxthon

The idea of browsing the web seamlessly has finally taken shape with Maxthon Cloud Browser. It is a recent development of this platform independent browser that was familiar as MyIE2. You get some significant features like; cloud integration, fast browsing, cross platform synchronization and many more that has made this browser a highly anticipated one this year. This browser support Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android platform. So, you can get a unified browsing experience across many devices. This browser has ranked in the top 5 browser category along with IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera, consecutively on 2011 and 2012.


Five Awesome & Free Productivity Apps for Android

You may have purchased a new android phone. You are clueless on how you can utilize your new smartphone for your professional work. You should know that there are plenty of office and productivity apps for android that come handy to you. You can download these apps from Google play store and start using right away. There are hundreds of productivity apps on android but these five has finally reached to the top of the list:

  1. Google Currents
  2. Evernote
  3. Asana Mobile
  4. Remember The Milk
  5. Any.Do

You just need to logon to Google play store by following this link or you …

VideoBox for Android is a perfect compilation of fun and functionalities

VideoBox for Android is no doubt an astounding appellation for those souls who happen to be enamored about free software solutions. As a matter of fact, when you down load this particular software and then cast a searching glance on the essential features as well as benefits of this quintessential software solution you naturally get baffled. The fact is that at time it really gets hard to believe that so much of amenities can be available for free.

Most vital components of this amazing software solution

There is simply no denying that VideoBox for Android is replete with a set …

All You Should Know About UMPLAYER

UMPLAYER as a software solution does not require any specific or special introduction. It is in fact an asset in your disposal. To think in terms of functionalities, this particular software is basically a high end media player. With a galaxy of advanced features this particular software is equipped with all the power to fulfil your requirements. The best part of this software is that it allows you to enjoy a bounty of entertainment. With its magnificent edge you can enjoy you tube videos, VCDs, DVDs, radio cards etc.

With the help- of UMPLAYER you are also going to view …

How can we download movies from

Youtube is considered as a fantastic source of entertainment. You can get a lot of songs, rare video clips and movies through the YouTube. There are a lot of funny videos to rejuvenate your mood, few rare videos and songs may take you into the time of the flashback. Hence, no wonder that it is one of the most popular and busy website in the online world. Not only entertainment, it is now frequently getting used for the purpose of the online marketing and branding. YouTube videos have become the bull’s eye for the online marketers.

However, there is a …