How to Make Your Android Faster, 6 Secret tricks to make your android run super fast


The android devices are everywhere in the market. It is one of the most popular operating systems besides the iOS and the windows. Today, the mobile market is flooded with a wide range of low and middle range to high end smart phones and tablets. No matter if you buy a low budget phone or a high end device, these devices are bound to slow down eventually due to the daily usage. However, there are various techniques through which you can make your android faster and enhance its performance. The top tips are mentioned below:

1) Update your software

Android often releases its new updates and it is important that you keep your phone, table updated with the latest version of the software. The latest software typically contains bug fixes and other improvements and makes your device function better and faster. The software updates are made available to the users over the air and it automatically prompts the users to install them. Just like the software updates, you must install the latest updates for all the applications installed on your device.

2) Disable or uninstall unused applications 

The play stores feature a plethora of applications, over a period you would have downloaded various applications but you seldom use them. The applications not only take up the space on your device but also use up the system resources, which makes the device slow. It is therefore important that you periodically review the list of applications installed and keep only that you are absolutely essential and delete the rest. Even if you are doubtful about a particular app it is better you uninstall or disable it as you can always download it again from the app store.

3) Take a look at autostart apps

Autostart apps are those applications that run automatically in the background when the android device is started. Most of these are not useful to you and they eat up a lot of space and system resource and consequently hinder the fast functioning of the device. You can boost the performance of your device by managing the settings of the autostart apps; you can choose to allow only the important apps at the startup.

4) Use one application for one purpose

Usually, mobile phone users download multiple applications that serve the same purpose. For instance, people use different news apps for reading news. While you may get news from different sources you must know that it would affect the performance of your device. So it better that you carefully choose the best app and use a single application for one purpose.

5) Use only a few widgets and home screens

 Widgets are very useful and functional but it is important that you don’t use too many widgets on the home screen. Similarly it is best to use not more than two home screens on your device. Both widgets and home screens affect the performance of the system and slow down your android device.

6) Avoid using live image as wallpaper

The live wallpapers sure make your screen look pretty but it will affect the performance of your device. It is therefore better to use a static image rather than live wallpaper.

 If you are facing problems with your android device, use the tips mentioned above and see the difference in how your device functions faster.