How to Make Space in Your Ubuntu Desktop by Hiding or Resizing the Unity Launcher


There is no doubt that a lot of people love the Unity Launcher on their Ubuntu Desktop, but the launcher takes up a lot of room. There is an easy solution. You can hide Unity Launcher by following some simple steps.

  1. Click on the System Menu displayed in the upper-right corner of the top panel of the screen
  2. A dropdown field is extended
  3. Select the option System Settings from the dropdown
  4. The System Settings Dialog box is opened.
  5. Click on the Appearance icon under the Personal Section.
  6. The Appearance screen is displayed. Click on the Behavior tab.
  7. Click on the ON/OFF switch on the right hand side if the Behavior screen so that the switch reads ON. On clicking the ON/OFF switch it turns Orange.

Once hidden now the Question comes of how to unhide the Launcher when required. The settings can be done in the Behavior screen itself by following the below steps:

  1. On Selecting the ON Switch, the Auto Hide Launcher section is enabled.
  2. There are two radio buttons Left Side and Top Left Corner
  3. On selecting Left Side the Launcher will display by hovering the mouse anywhere in the left whereas it will only display when the mouse is hovered over the Top Left Corner of the screen if Top Left Corner radio button is selected.
  4. The Reveal Sensitivity Slider just below the Radio Buttons is used to regulate the sensitivity of the Display Location.
  5. Once the Settings for Hiding and un-hiding Unity Launcher is done, click on the X (Close) button to exit from the Settings Dialog box.

Here it is to be remembered that in certain cases we cannot hide Unity Launcher Completely. If you are using Ubuntu 14.0.4 in a Virtual machine then Unity Launcher could not be hidden. We will discuss the workaround in the following steps. We will reduce the size of the launcher rather than completely hiding it.

  1. Click the gear icon on the upper right corner of the screen and select System Setting from the Dropdown field or click on the System Setting icon on the Unity Launcher itself.
  2. The Setting dialog box will appear.
  3. Click on Appearance under the Personal Section of the Dialog Box.
  4. On the Appearance Screen open the Look tab this time.
  5. In the Bottom right corner a Slider will appear with no particular name. This slider is used to regulate the size of the Unity Launcher.
  6. You can Slide it to the minimum so that it is barely visible on your Ubuntu Virtual Desktop.
  7. Once the Setting is completed, click on the X icon to close the Settings dialog box.

Once done you will find that Unity Launcher is taking much less space than usual in your Ubuntu Virtual Desktop. The above steps are not only for Virtual desktop, you can resize Unity launcher following the same steps in your PC as well.