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How to Share iCloud Pictures From Your PC?


With iOS 5 installed on your iPhone or iPad you can make the maximum use of an iCloud account. It helps you to sync your devices through backing up of your data across all your gadgets. The iCloud has this excellent Photo Stream feature, which automatically saves all your pictures taken on your iPhone or iPad to the cloud, and you can easily share these pictures from your PC as well. This article will give you detailed information on how you can access your iCloud pictures easily from your Personal Computer. Here is a step by step guideline to make …

How to Install Android in Your PC


How to Install Android in Your PC?

There are many people who will like to run Android on their Personal Computer, but they are not certain if they can do it, and make it work in the right way. For all the people out there who would love to play with Android on their PCs here is a helpful article. The Android-x86 can be easily installed on your notebooks after an upgradation of hardware; but if you are not really willing about that, you can simply install Android in Virtual Box, just like another virtual machine running Windows or Linux. …

How to Make Your Android Faster, 6 Secret tricks to make your android run super fast


The android devices are everywhere in the market. It is one of the most popular operating systems besides the iOS and the windows. Today, the mobile market is flooded with a wide range of low and middle range to high end smart phones and tablets. No matter if you buy a low budget phone or a high end device, these devices are bound to slow down eventually due to the daily usage. However, there are various techniques through which you can make your android faster and enhance its performance. The top tips are mentioned below:

1) Update your software

Android …

Top 10 Best Tablests of 2014, Review and Buying Guide for Android & Windows Tabs, iPad


Are you planning to buy a best tablets right for your need in 2014? We have compiled here a list of the top 10 best Tablets of the year 2014. This will help you find the right model for your exact needs. Whether you guys are looking for a gadget for web surfing, watching movies, chatting with your friends, or for your business use.

01. Apple iPad Air

Apple iPad Air is one of the best Tablets in this price range ($499-$929) and its very slim(7.5 mm) and  light(470 grams). It runs in iOS 7 on a 64-bit processor to …

Tips For You To Get Unlimited Free Music OnYour iPhone

Typically, an iPhone user gets a limited access to download free music from iTunes. You should not bind yourself from download free music from other sources. Owning an iPhone should offer you the freedom of listening to hundreds of free songs and albums available online. Buying music from your favorite artist from iTunes is really a cool feature but getting the same thing free is what counts to you at the end of the day. You have two methods to get free music on your iPhone:

  • Using SoundCloud App
  • Using iTunes’s ‘Single of the Week’

The step-by-step guide of using

Tips And Tricks To Get The Best From Your iPhone 5

This sixth generation smartphone has already taken the hearts of iPhone lovers by storm. This phone has so many exciting features inside that you will be moved by its splendor as you slide though the apps and customization settings. You just need to know some smart tips and tricks that made this phone so popular.

1)  Migrate your old iPhone data to iPhone 5
2)  Tips for using Camera
3)  Send email with attachments
4)  Using apple maps

You can get all these unique functionalities and more with your new iPhone 5.

Migrating your old iPhone data to iPhone 5

The Apps You Must Try For Your Android Phone

An android phone is a door to access a pile of apps from the play store. You must try the latest and popular apps and see if they are doing any good in your daily life. The highly enriched collection of categorical apps for android is the main reason people buy android devices. You must know about some of the latest and highly recommended apps for your android Smartphone. You can open the play store by clicking the play store icon on your phone and get started in exploring the exciting world of android apps. You should look for the …

Simple Steps To Easily Backup Android Mobile Data On Google Cloud

Backing up your phone data is really necessary. Suddenly, you may need to perform a factory reset to solve some software problems and all your data can get erased. If you have your data properly backed up to a cloud server, then you can easily restore all your data and settings to your phone. You do not need to go through all those settings and contacts saving all over again to make your phone usable for you. Android offers you in-built back-up features without any additional apps. If you have a Wi-Fi or 3G connection, then you can easily back …

How You Can Successfully Sync Your Windows Phone With PC Or MAC

There are quite a few options of easy synchronization of windows phone to your PC or MAC. It has certain advantages of syncing the phone with your computer. You can easily manage files, folders, contacts, documents etc. on your phone via Windows Explorer or the platform depended synchronization software for windows phones. The Windows Phone App is available for Windows 8 OS and MAC platform. The Windows Phone App for desktop supports Windows 7 OS. You can also download Zune software if you have a windows phone with WP7 operating system. If you are confused about the proper synchronization option …

How To Transfer Music To Windows Phones

You may have purchased a brand new windows phone with WP7 or WP8operating system. This is a superior smartphone with advanced functionalities and features you dreamed for years. People store up music, ringtones and podcasts as soon as they buy a new smartphone. There is a significant difference from the traditional ways of transferring music to your windows phone. There are different ways people transfer music to their phones:

Bluetooth transfer
Cloud transfer
Transfer via USB cable plugged in your computer

Apart of the wireless and online method (Bluetooth and Cloud), the offline music transfer from your computerusing USB data …