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Top 10 Best Tablests of 2014, Review and Buying Guide for Android & Windows Tabs, iPad


Are you planning to buy a best tablets right for your need in 2014? We have compiled here a list of the top 10 best Tablets of the year 2014. This will help you find the right model for your exact needs. Whether you guys are looking for a gadget for web surfing, watching movies, chatting with your friends, or for your business use.

01. Apple iPad Air

Apple iPad Air is one of the best Tablets in this price range ($499-$929) and its very slim(7.5 mm) and  light(470 grams). It runs in iOS 7 on a 64-bit processor to …

How To Download And Convert Online Videos For Free

People love to watch online videos as they find instant access to popular video streaming portals like; YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vevo, TubePlus etc. It does not matter where the videos are hosted and whether it has a download option or not, you can still grab them with the help of a free video streaming capture and converting software called ‘Free Video Downloader’. You have loads of additional features attached to this tiny software that are equally useful and anticipated by you.

 Free Video Downloader

With this tiny utility app, you can download unlimited number of streaming videos from almost all …