How to Open files with unknown extensions

How often have you punched your computer while being unable to open a file with unknown file extensions? It’s quite irritating that you have just received some files from your friend that he has promised to be some exciting photos, videos, music etc, but you have failed to open those files. The file extensions are the type of the files which informs the working system what should do with the file or how to open the file rather. Opening files with unknown extensions may require certain expertise at points of time. After reading this page, I am quite convinced that you can supervise your files to open.

There are many reasons associated with the file extensions. If an older version of a certain application is installed on your computer and the newly arrived file is formatted to be opened in some newer versions of that particular software, there may be problems in opening such file extensions. The thing usually happens with the Microsoft Office. The file extensions for the Microsoft Office 2007 are not suitable for opening files in Microsoft Office 2003. For people new to the computer, they might have a lack of data on the subject of different file extensions. Suppose if a person has a media player that doesn’t have the div x codec already installed the Avi, Mkv files won’t open there.

There may be some other reasons behind the problems. Sometimes opening files with the missing extension may create problems for a tech savvy person too. If the file extension is missing, then opening the files by searching proper applications from the internet also becomes really tough. However, there are certain methods for opening files with unknown fie extensions.

For opening the files with the unknown extensions or missing file extensions, a hex editor can help greatly. Even if, the file format is missing the extension details remain in the file itself. Opening files with a hex editor like notepad reveal all the hex codes in the file. From the very first lines, we can get details about the file extensions. The first line contains the header that depicts the extension details of the file. For applying this procedure, you must be aware of the popular file extensions. You can do nothing for an unknown extension that you have never heard of. After getting the relevant information about the header and the file extensions, you can select the appropriate program to open the file effectively. Even if, the application is not there in your computer, you can download it from the internet.

There are signatures of the files visible only in their hex formats. Now it may not be possible for a common man to remember a long hex format for certain file extensions. Software like TrIDNet used to recognize the hex codes for file extensions for you. The application can be downloaded from the internet.

The best possible solution now days are to use the power of the Google search engine for any relevant topic. If you even forget about all these help topics, you do not need to worry. The Big G keeps all your necessary things at a place where you can get it through a simple search.