How to Remove Forgotten PASSCODE Unlock For Mac Computers, 2 Simple Tricks


Today, in the computer age we all tend to rely a lot on our computers to store and access important information relating to our personal and professional lives. To keep the information safe and secure we all use passwords for our computers to restrict access by others. But what happens if you forget the Pass code? If you are using a Mac computer and have forgotten your password, you need not fret about it there are a few tricks by which you can unlock your computer and gain access to your system.

Trick 1: Resetting the Mac Password using your Apple ID 

This is quite a simple approach to unlock your Mac system, especially if you are using the latest versions of MAC operating system. However, to use this method you need to have your Apple ID tied with the user account on your computer. The trick involves a three step process, which is discussed below:

  1. Start your MAC system and from the boot screen enter any wrong password thrice. After you enter the wrong text for the third time, the system would prompt a ‘password hint’ box along with a message that reads ‘If you forgot your password you can reset it using your Apple ID’. Just click on the (>) icon to initiate the unlocking process.
  1. Next, enter your Apple ID. It is the same ID that you use to access App store or iTunes. Once you enter the details, click on the reset password button.
  1. Enter your new password and allow the system to boot itself.

Once the system reboots, enter the new password and you can operate your system again. This trick will work only if you have tied your Apple ID with the Mac account but if you have not tied your account or if you have forgotten the passwords of Apple ID then don’t worry, there is an alternative technique.

Trick 2: Unlocking Mac Pass code using Installer CD/DVD or Boot drive

If you have an installer disk or boot drive, you can easily reset your forgotten password and unlock your computer. This is the best technique for Mac users who have Mac OS X snow leopard. The steps to unlock your MAC computer with installer DVD/CD are listed below:

  1. Insert the bootable disk in your system and restart your computer
  2. While your system is starting hold down the ‘C’ button to initiate the disk boot at the start
  3. Select your preferred language and then select the ‘password reset’ button under the ‘utilities’ menu.
  4. Next, select the hard disk which has the forgotten password and then you must select the username of your hard disk. After you select the username, you will be prompted to select a new password. Enter your new password.
  5. Restart your system from the hard drive with the newly chosen password as your login

Try any one of these techniques to unlock your forgotten pass code for MAC computers depending on the one that best suits you.