Smart Ideas To Run Multiple Oss Under A Single Operating System

The concept of running more than one operating systems in computers is a useful one when it comes to ease of access and for testing purposes. You can easily access a guest OS without restarting your computer with the help of some free to use applications. This is similar to using an operating system like an application installed within your host OS. There are many retail and free software available specifically for this purpose. A free to use virtualization application provides you basic features and customizations, sufficiently enough for standard virtualization purpose. The popular ones are:

  • Windows Virtual PC
  • VMware Player
  • Apple Boot Camp

The VMware player is the most popular in this category that provides more functionality than Virtual PC and Boot Camp. Before using this software you just need to confirm that you system supports Hardware-assisted virtualization feature. Check your computer user manual and enter the BIOS setup to enable this feature. However, you can use VMware player without this feature but you will get real time hardware acceleration and performance with this feature enabled. If you are using latest windows OS, then you can easily check it by using HAV detection tool available here.

Run XP and Vista within Windows 7 by Virtual PC

This application is free, provided that you are using a genuine Windows 7 OS on your computer.This works only on windows platform. If you have Windows 7 as your host operating system, then you can easily run the earlier editions of windows e.g. XP and Vista with the help of Virtual PC. The installation is quite easy and predictable. After a few clicks this software gets installed on your Windows 7 PC. After installation launch the program and click on the ‘New’ button of the Virtual PC Console window to enter the New VM Wizard. Now, configure the virtual machine by allotting RAM, HDD space, and CD/DVD drive. You can now easily install any supported guest OS by inserting its CD or using the image mount feature.

VMware player

This application gives you the freedom of running Linux distributions under windows and vice versa. Installation of VMware player is easy. This application also supports Hardware-assisted virtualization function for fast and smooth virtual machine performance. You can easily try out newly released Linux distribution or commercial Windows OS without interrupting your daily work and making any further partitions. Running an operating system virtually gives you total convenience and security from malwares and virusesas the infection will also occur virtually. Removing a virtual machine will remove the threats and you do not require any anti-virus software on a virtual guest OS.

Apple Boot Camp

This application is available for OS X Lion and Mountain Lion edition. If you are a Mac user, then this is the best solution for using your favorite windows applications and OS within your MAC. You can simply run Windows 8 as a guest operating system by using Boot Camp. You can download the user manual provided on the download page for proper instruction of installing, updating, and customizing its features.