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How to Redefine Your HDMI Experience with Google Chromecast


When you want to visit your PC in a broader screen you often opt for an HDMI cable to connect the computer to your HDTV. But what if the solution is portable and is not limited to the length of the cable? Well Google has launched Google Chromecast which is a small HDMI dongle which tethers your TV with your computer from anywhere. It is not only cheap, it is durable as well.

The cable may cost less in the beginning but they are less tenacious and thus the overall maintenance cost gives Chromecast the required edge. Anything website or …

6 Steps to Solve Frequent Crashing of Google Chrome


Crashing of Google Chrome is not a very unfamiliar problem for any web user.  Most of us know the boxed, eye popped, tongue hanging out character and the line “He’s dead, Jim!” pretty well; but when you start to see this message quite frequently, it not only becomes bothering but also indicates that there is a problem with your system. Thankfully, most of the times, this problem can be fixed within minutes. You should perform the following tasks one by one to repair your Google Chrome. You will also need to check the action of each of the steps after …

How to Share iCloud Pictures From Your PC?


With iOS 5 installed on your iPhone or iPad you can make the maximum use of an iCloud account. It helps you to sync your devices through backing up of your data across all your gadgets. The iCloud has this excellent Photo Stream feature, which automatically saves all your pictures taken on your iPhone or iPad to the cloud, and you can easily share these pictures from your PC as well. This article will give you detailed information on how you can access your iCloud pictures easily from your Personal Computer. Here is a step by step guideline to make …

How to Install Android in Your PC


How to Install Android in Your PC?

There are many people who will like to run Android on their Personal Computer, but they are not certain if they can do it, and make it work in the right way. For all the people out there who would love to play with Android on their PCs here is a helpful article. The Android-x86 can be easily installed on your notebooks after an upgradation of hardware; but if you are not really willing about that, you can simply install Android in Virtual Box, just like another virtual machine running Windows or Linux. …

Windows 10 unveiled


Microsoft recently announced its latest version of Windows Operating system, Windows 10 on September 30 in San Francisco. Microsoft aims to make the Windows 10 a one-all and end-all operating system for all window users who were displeased with their previous OS, Windows 8 interface. The new OS is slated to be loaded with top class features that would provide users a pleasant experience using the OS.

Some of the top features of windows 10 are discussed below:

  • Return of the start menu 

When Microsoft released Windows 8, it came under criticism from the users for removing the start menu …

How to Use Bluetooth Adapter on Window 8


With the rapid advancement in the computer technology it is now possible to connect various additional devices like printers, audio devices, mouse, keyboards, mobile phones, remotes, headphones, camera and other device through Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth is essentially a wireless technology that allows communication between electronic devices without the use of any physical cable. It is a short range communication medium and it usually works within the range of 30-50 meters. It makes data transfer easy and quick. Not to mention, without the hassles of internet connectivity issues and long cables.

Today, most of the modern computer systems powered by windows …

Tips and Tricks to Protect Your Data

Data protection is very important and one of the most core issues that are related with the computer users. Data protection is everyone’s priority as data loss is considered as a huge loss. Today, there are so many viruses, hacking software and malwares are present. They are the biggest threat for the computer data. They either damage data or may lead to data theft. To save your data from these threats, there are some trick and techniques that you must learn. A few of those tricks and techniques are illustrated in this article.

Password Protection Using NotePad

The simplest way …

Best 5 Must Have Application For The New Windows 8 Os

The new windows operating system has many surprises for its users. If you have recently upgraded to Windows 8, then you must by wondering about what apps to install in its new live tiles metro look start screen. There are many 3rd party apps that are more productive than inbuilt applications and features.  You should take advantage of such apps to get more out of your Windows 8 PC and mobile.

  • AccuWeather
  • Metro Commander
  • News Bento
  • Shazam
  • Norton Satellite

You need to go to the Windows store and search for the respective app to install it. There are hundreds …

Testify A New Operating System Without Formatting Your PC

Testing of new operating system is really bliss when you do not need to hamper your work by removing your earlier OS and settings. It can be really convenient to you if you can evaluate a new operating system features and functionality without bringing much change to your system. With the help of visualization, you can face this challenge easily. Visualization helps you create multiple virtual machines inside your existing host OS. You can install any operating system in them. It is called a guest OS that you install in a virtual machine within your physical system.

An ideal situation

Some Hidden Secrets Of VLC Player You Should Know About

You must be familiar with this popular open source media player. It is free and a cross platform media playing application that can play almost any media file superbly without any issues.You must be aware about this too! The ‘did you know?’ stuffs for VLC will certainly surprise you if you use this software only as a media player. There are some top secret features that you are yet to experience as a basic VLC user. You can try some of the secrets to get more out of this wonderful media player and impress the newbies.

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