Some Hidden Secrets Of VLC Player You Should Know About

You must be familiar with this popular open source media player. It is free and a cross platform media playing application that can play almost any media file superbly without any issues.You must be aware about this too! The ‘did you know?’ stuffs for VLC will certainly surprise you if you use this software only as a media player. There are some top secret features that you are yet to experience as a basic VLC user. You can try some of the secrets to get more out of this wonderful media player and impress the newbies.

Rip DVDs and convert video files

There are many free video converting applications for this purpose but then you are getting superior video converting features from VLC.Why on earth do you need additional applications on your system? If it sounds interesting to you, then go ahead with this much ignored VLC feature and try it for yourself. VLC has the capability of ripping your favorite videos from locally stored video files, disc, network location, and capture device.

  • You can easily access this feature by launching VLC > Media > Convert/Save.
  • The ‘Open Media’ dialogue box comes up. Here, you need to specify your input video files by selecting proper location. Then, click on the Convert/Save button on the bottom.
  • The ‘Convert’ window shows up. Specify the destination path and selecting proper transcoding profile here. Then, click on ‘Start’ to begin the transcoding process.

Download YouTube videos from VLC

Yes, you can download YouTube videos with VLC. It may sound unbelievable to you but it is a harsh truth! Using the VLC streaming feature and your browser, you can easily download online videos from almost all the video hosting portals.

  • First, you need an online video link. You can obtain this by copying the address bar link after selecting a video on YouTube.
  • Now, paste the link to the ‘Please enter a network URL’ box at the Network stream option. You can access this option by navigating to Media > Open Network Stream.
  • Click on the Play button to start playing the stream.
  • As soon as the playback starts, Navigate to the Tools > Codec Information. Look carefully at the bottom of the screen where it reads ‘Location’. There will be a long string of streaming URL.
  • Copy the URL and paste it to your browser address bar. You can use the browser ‘save as’ function to download the video on your computer.

Capture your webcam chat sessions via VLC

This is a great feature that you can boast about. Recording your live webcam chat session is surely a useful feature sometimes! You can easily it by using the Open Capture Device settings of VLC

  • Make sure your webcam and microphone is turned on and properly attached to your system.
  • Launch VLC
  • Navigate to Media > Open Capture Device
  • Here, you will get a number of options to configure before you can start capturing your webcam feeds.
  • Specify a capture mode on the top of the screen. Usually this settings is best left with DirectShow
  • Now, Go to the device selection panel and configure your video and audio device name.
  • Now, access the convert dialogue box by selecting the Play button drop down menu.
  • Set a destination path and proper codec options and start capturing live webcam feeds with sounds.

Download the latest version of VLC player for windows by following this official download link.