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Simple Steps To Easily Backup Android Mobile Data On Google Cloud

Backing up your phone data is really necessary. Suddenly, you may need to perform a factory reset to solve some software problems and all your data can get erased. If you have your data properly backed up to a cloud server, then you can easily restore all your data and settings to your phone. You do not need to go through all those settings and contacts saving all over again to make your phone usable for you. Android offers you in-built back-up features without any additional apps. If you have a Wi-Fi or 3G connection, then you can easily back …

Adding stock photos to Google documents

Store Your Memories with the Advanced Google Docs

Your photos are your assets, which reminds you of the moments you have passed but still wish to keep with you. We keep photographs of our own childhood, photographs of our parents, families, pets, our children, friends etc. Many of us have the passion of photography and often take photos of different scenes of many landscapes and animals etc. With the arrival of the digitally operated camera and the digital storage media, we are able to store better quality photos for a longer time. There are certain disadvantages too. Suppose at any