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Testify A New Operating System Without Formatting Your PC

Testing of new operating system is really bliss when you do not need to hamper your work by removing your earlier OS and settings. It can be really convenient to you if you can evaluate a new operating system features and functionality without bringing much change to your system. With the help of visualization, you can face this challenge easily. Visualization helps you create multiple virtual machines inside your existing host OS. You can install any operating system in them. It is called a guest OS that you install in a virtual machine within your physical system.

An ideal situation

Some Hidden Secrets Of VLC Player You Should Know About

You must be familiar with this popular open source media player. It is free and a cross platform media playing application that can play almost any media file superbly without any issues.You must be aware about this too! The ‘did you know?’ stuffs for VLC will certainly surprise you if you use this software only as a media player. There are some top secret features that you are yet to experience as a basic VLC user. You can try some of the secrets to get more out of this wonderful media player and impress the newbies.

Rip DVDs and convert

How To Publish Portable Software Packages For Free

Making portable applications has certain advantages. You can easily take them along with you in a flash drive. You just need to double click the executable and your favorite application will launch instantly. People use portable apps for this feature. There are also some additional features like; compatibility, system security, and using of multiple editions of the same software on a single system. A potable application does not change your system registry settings. Therefore, you can ensure optimum system security without any threats of using a malware like application.

The solution

Making portable application is easy and you do not …

How To Download And Convert Online Videos For Free

People love to watch online videos as they find instant access to popular video streaming portals like; YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vevo, TubePlus etc. It does not matter where the videos are hosted and whether it has a download option or not, you can still grab them with the help of a free video streaming capture and converting software called ‘Free Video Downloader’. You have loads of additional features attached to this tiny software that are equally useful and anticipated by you.

 Free Video Downloader

With this tiny utility app, you can download unlimited number of streaming videos from almost all …

Get Professional Quality Photo Editing Productivity Suite For Free

You spend dollars on your best photo editing software and its continuous upgrades. You can certainly get similar productivity results with a free photo editing software available online. If you are a beginner in editing and retouching work of your clicks, then the PhotoScape software might be of immense help to you.You will get a fun filled experience using this software with its slick and easy interface design. You can easily repair the flaws in a digital photo and enhance it as per your artistic sense. You will get professional quality results in web publishing, and printing job of photos.…

Get Amazing Productivity Experience With Tiny USB Office 1.6

Have you ever thought of carrying your own small office in your pocket? You can certainly do it in reality by using a portable office productivity freeware suite that fits in your USB flash drive quiet easily. You just need to plug in the drive to any PC and start your office work right away. It is an amazing concept that is materialized by Tiny USB Office 1.6. You can download this suite from here.

This freeware office productivity suite has all the basic features of a retail office suite. This software bundle is so lightweight (2.5MB) that it …

How To Enjoy The Supreme Fun Quotients From Slacker Radio For Android

Slacker Radio for Android happens to be a completely complementary as well as effectual radio program that you can enjoy the best on the sophisticated platform of Android. There should be no denying regarding the fact that in term of essential features and advantages this particular software solution really reigns supreme in the market. There is hardly any match for this device when it comes to the crucial issue of compatibility.

Things that you must know about Slacker Radio for Android

Slacker Radio for Android does have so many facts which are integrally associated with it. In the first place …

Get to know the best things about QQ Player

QQ Player enjoys a rave reputation in the market as a sophisticated software solution which has been masterminded as well as manufactured with an eye to details. Users will definitely find the interface to be extremely helpful for their ultimate objective. If you cherish the intention of enjoying the best quality sound as well as visuals then QQ Player is definitely a smart choice for you. As you opt for this particular software solution you instantly get entitled to avail a bounty of mouth watering features along with this astounding widget.

Crucial facts and facets about QQ Player

A QQ …

How To Make The Most Use Of Photoscape

PhotoScape is basically an amazing tool. It is a superb photo editor that you can download from the internet entirely for free. It is basically empowered with state of the art technology and it can operate like a high precision multi media player with a lot of features it is stride. This particular software solution is basically a light weight programs. Therefore it does not create any sort of extra pressure on your computer system or on your lap top wherever you choose to download this astounding gadget.

Getting into the interior of this software facility

PhotoScape is basically a …

Camfrog Video Chat: Things To Know About This Software

Camfrog is one of the most frequently used chat rooms and popular, as well. This software is capable of connecting with users in video chat rooms. The most noticeable advantage of this software is that during the process of chatting the cam user also gets an opportunity for viewing each other without getting into the complications of the process of licensing.

How to use Camfrog?

Lets us summarize in the following points as how to use this Camfrog video chat:

  • The first thing that you have got to do is to download the software from the relevant sources or install