The Apps You Must Try For Your Android Phone

An android phone is a door to access a pile of apps from the play store. You must try the latest and popular apps and see if they are doing any good in your daily life. The highly enriched collection of categorical apps for android is the main reason people buy android devices. You must know about some of the latest and highly recommended apps for your android Smartphone. You can open the play store by clicking the play store icon on your phone and get started in exploring the exciting world of android apps. You should look for the ratings and reviews before installing any app to your phone.

Some highly rated apps for android

1)  Facebook for Android
2)  APP Lock
3)  Skype for Android
4)  PicsArt – Photo Studio

You must need these apps on your phone for basic and useful Smartphone usability. Without these apps, you will not be anywhere close to a Smartphone user.

Facebook for Android

Android has just got a new edition of Facebook with faster browsing and HTML 5 capabilities. The interface is also changed and improved for complete SNS integration. You get to experience many changes in this new version of Facebook for android. You get a new feature of single tap photos. You can open your Facebook photos directly by one touch. You also get New Stories bar for easy notification of the latest news. You can download this popular SNS app from Google play store.

APP Lock for privacy and security

With this tiny little app, you can protect the installed applications from unauthorized use by others. You can lock your android apps by password authentication or by pattern locking system. This is a very useful function where you get awesome privacy features when someone wants to use your phone casually. The App Lock has a high rating in play store for its superior security functionality and ease of use. You can download this app via Google Play Store for free.

Video calling on the go with Skype

In case your android Smartphone has a front camera and a fast network bandwidth (3G or Wi-Fi), then you can use superior video calling facility absolutely free for Skype to Skype calls. You can also enjoy calling to mobiles and landline and sending texts at a low cost. Skype is also a messenger, so you can sync all your contacts with this app. Without Skype installed on your phone, you are definitely missing out these exclusive features for your android phone. If you do not have your Skype yet, then get it from here.

PicsArt – Photo Studio for mobile photo editing

Become an artist with your clicks. In earlier days, you used to take photos with your camera and phone. Then, you were bound to use your computer for importing these photos and enhancements. You can now carry your own photo editing app in your mobile. PicsArt gives you all the editing functionality in a simplistic interface design that is easy to understand by the beginners in photo editing job. You can share your edited photos directly to SNS sites and with your friends from the PicsArt interface. You must download and try this app from Google play store if you like to share brilliantly edited photos with your friends.