Tips And Tricks To Get The Best From Your iPhone 5

This sixth generation smartphone has already taken the hearts of iPhone lovers by storm. This phone has so many exciting features inside that you will be moved by its splendor as you slide though the apps and customization settings. You just need to know some smart tips and tricks that made this phone so popular.

1)  Migrate your old iPhone data to iPhone 5
2)  Tips for using Camera
3)  Send email with attachments
4)  Using apple maps

You can get all these unique functionalities and more with your new iPhone 5.

Migrating your old iPhone data to iPhone 5

As soon as you get your new iPhone, the first thing you usually do is importing all your vital data, settings, contacts and apps from your old iPhone. You can easily do it by the help of iCloud online backup functionality. If you had an iOS 5 phone earlier, then you can easily backup all the data and restore them to your new iPhone 5 using a fast Wi-Fi connection. You can access iCloud by going to Settings – iCloud and click on Storage & Backup.You need to enable this option. You can also use iTunes for this same purpose.You can easily import your contacts by navigating to Settings – Mail, Contacts, and Calendars – import SIM contact.

Tips for using the iPhone 5 camera

In iPhone 5, you can use the camera feature instantly by swiping up the camera icon at the lock screen. Hold the phone on your subject and use touch focus and zoom functionality for a superior click. You can also take panorama photos with your iPhone 5 camera by navigating to the panorama mode in the camera app options.You can easily take wide angle panorama snaps by tapping the arrow icon. Taking the screenshot of your iPhone 5 home screen is also very easy. You just need to press and hold the power and the home button together for instant snapshot of your phone screen.

Send email with media files and documents

iPhone 5 is not just an entertainment device. It does have some office productivity features too. With the new iPhone 5 you can send your files and photos as attachments via email. You can easily access this feature by tapping and holding the mail body area. The menu for attaching files will appear and you can attach any files, photos and videos to your composed mail. With this insert photo or video menu, you can easily navigate through your photo and video albums and select the ones you need to send.

Using apple maps

The iPhone 5 features a new and improves map application. You get some native map and location features to start with and the new flyover feature. You can virtually take a 3D tour to any city you want. You can access this function by tapping the 3D button on a given map. All cities do not have 3D trip feature. So you may not see this icon on every city.

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