Tips For You To Get Unlimited Free Music OnYour iPhone

Typically, an iPhone user gets a limited access to download free music from iTunes. You should not bind yourself from download free music from other sources. Owning an iPhone should offer you the freedom of listening to hundreds of free songs and albums available online. Buying music from your favorite artist from iTunes is really a cool feature but getting the same thing free is what counts to you at the end of the day. You have two methods to get free music on your iPhone:

  • Using SoundCloud App
  • Using iTunes’s ‘Single of the Week’

The step-by-step guide of using the SoundCloud app

1) Go to the App store on your iPhone and download the SoundCloud app. You can also download iTune from here.

2) As this is anonline music streaming service, it is better if you use the Wi-Fi on your iPhone. Some network carriers have limited bandwidth restrictions. Your music streams may be charged after exceeding the same while listening to your favorite music. Therefore, make sure you are connected to internet preferable via Wi-Fi or else by SIM, before launching this app.

3) Launch the app after installation as you usually do for other apps by aping the SoundCloud icon on your iPhone home screen.

4) You are required to sign up in order to use this app. There is also a convenient option of logging in with your Facebook ID. This unique feature lets you skip the time consuming sign up process if you have a working Facebook ID. Press the respective option you like to login to the SoundCloud app.

5) At the start screen of this app, you will get a search box at the top of the interface. Search your favorite song or genre. Results will appear instantly and you need to click on a song for playback.

6) Now the real trick comes into play. You will find a red colored record button at the middle on the bottom screen. Tap it to record the currently playing music stream and save the audio file. You can make a nice collection of song totally free by this function.

Using iTunes ‘Single of the Week’

This is a limited service but an exciting one to download music from iTunes completely free. You can build an appreciable collection by downloading one music title per week.

1) You just need to tap the iTunes icon on the home screen to launch the app.

2) Press the music button on the bottom left corner of your iPhone. It will give you access to the music store of iTunes.

3) Now scroll down until you find the ‘Single of the Week’ category. Tap the button and enter this category.

4) Now you can easily tap on the single that is available for free download on the week.

5) Finally, tap the free button to start downloading the song to your iPhone music library.

Among these two legitimate methods of downloading free music, the SoundCloud app is definitely a winner. It offers you countless music streams as you listen and record on your music library. The quality of recorded titles remains the same as it is done internally and without any external noise interruptions.