Tips and Tricks to Protect Your Data

Data protection is very important and one of the most core issues that are related with the computer users. Data protection is everyone’s priority as data loss is considered as a huge loss. Today, there are so many viruses, hacking software and malwares are present. They are the biggest threat for the computer data. They either damage data or may lead to data theft. To save your data from these threats, there are some trick and techniques that you must learn. A few of those tricks and techniques are illustrated in this article.

Password Protection Using NotePad

The simplest way to protect your files is the application of coding to the NotePad. Through this coding, we need to plant a .bat file which is unlockable via a pass code only. First, you have to open the notepad and then save a file by naming it locker.bat. Then, click this locker.bat file and it will generate the locker automatically. Now, move all the files and documents that you want to be protected, in this folder. After copying all the files, just close the folder.

This is really an easy process to protect your data. If you want the privacy, it is the most effective solution for you. However, it has a limitation. The biggest negative aspect is that it is easily traceable. A professional hacker can easily unlock this folder. Hence, the security is low with this method. Nevertheless, it is an old technique to lock the files.

Using Winrar or Winzip

Most of us use Winrar and Winzip to compress and lock the data. It is another very common technique that is employed for the data protection. Though, it is another very insecure method. The hacking technology has moved to such a level that, it is very tuff to protect the data through the Winrar and Winzip passwords. These files are easily unlockable. Though, these are quite effective for the basic protection of the data.

Folder Locking Software

Folder locking software is a great boon for people who are really in high insecurity with their data. This is a very good technique to lock a folder. This software is easy to get. Even, you can find some freeware too. If you have not found anything for free, then wait you do not have to spend a dime! You can use the trial versions. Yes, the trial version has some drawbacks, but you cannot get all at free of cost. Is not it? If you want high protection, then the paid version is recommended for you.

It is always beneficial to use data protection software, rather using an inferior technique to protect your data. Using software give a lot of benefits. They are not just good for protection from the data theft, but also used for the prevention of data from the possible damage due to system crush. For a complete peace of mind, using a paid version of data protection software is very essential.

These are the best possible and the easiest ways to secure your data from the computer bugs, malwares, hackers, spywares, etc.