Top Free Weather Apps for Android

A lot of people go for the paid Android weather applications while there are millions of free android weather apps are present. If you think that these free applications are not up to the mark, then it is merely nothing but a misconception. These free apps have great things to offer to its users. Also, due to the presence of several weather related apps, you have the chance to go for the apps in a trial and error basis, before settling into a permanent application. The list is huge and quite diverse too. Hence, you have to choose the best one according to your suitability. In this article, we will discuss the top seven free Android weather applications around.


This plain and simple Android application was developed by Michael Bachman. Just like the functionality of this application, the name of the application is quite simple too. It is named as ‘Weather’. If you are looking for a simple Android weather application, then the ‘Weather’ is highly recommended for you. It is very fast and reliable, and there are not many bells and whistles. A simple and authentic weather forecast is what you will get via this application.

iMap Weather

iMap weather is an advanced weather forecasting application for the Android. Along with the weather forecast, it provides the radar images to the users. Fully detailed and analyzed weather forecast is one of the best featuring point of this application. The visual part of this application is contentment for every user.

Moon Phase

This simple Android weather app is shaped by the UDell Enterprize. Inc. If you want the particular phase of the moon, then this is the best application around. However, the biggest drawback of this app is that it needs some add-ons to come up as a real extravagant one.

Radar Now!

It is an amazing weather application for the Android. It visually displays the current weather through radar. It is fast, reliable, use-friendly and is commonly referred as one of the best Android weather applications.

Weather Widget

This is another useful, quick and steadfast Android weather application. This is a great addition for the Android users as this application provides a lot of advanced and interactive options for users. However, there is also a paid version for this application, which is even better than the free version. To augment the functionality of this application, you have to download a free add-on, named as Weather Widget Forecast Add-on.


This is another free GPS-based weather application for the Android. The name of this application indicates that this is an application which is developed by the same maker of the AccuWeather.Com. Accurate and reliable weather information are assured if you are using this Android application.

Weather Bug

This is another great and powerful Android weather application. This application offers accurate local weather forecast. It needs some add-ons to show you the video and pictorial weather updates. Overall, it is a remarkable application which costs nothing!

These are some out of the ordinary Android weather applications for you. However, there are so many that you can find apart from these. However, these are regarded as the best when it comes to the Android weather applications.