How to Use Bluetooth Adapter on Window 8


With the rapid advancement in the computer technology it is now possible to connect various additional devices like printers, audio devices, mouse, keyboards, mobile phones, remotes, headphones, camera and other device through Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth is essentially a wireless technology that allows communication between electronic devices without the use of any physical cable. It is a short range communication medium and it usually works within the range of 30-50 meters. It makes data transfer easy and quick. Not to mention, without the hassles of internet connectivity issues and long cables.

Today, most of the modern computer systems powered by windows 8 come with an in-built Bluetooth connectivity. However, if your computer doesn’t not have pre-installed Bluetooth network you would need to install an external hardware such as a Bluetooth dongle or an adapter to be able to connect the devices. The following tips will help you in getting started with using the Bluetooth adapter on your Windows 8 system:

Step 1

Insert the dongle into any of the USB port on your computer. You just have to insert the dongle just like using a flash drive. When you insert the dongle, your system will automatically detect the device and install the required drivers. If the drivers are not installed automatically, you would have to look for drivers that are specific to your dongle online. There are various sources through you which you can download the driver for free.

Bluetooth signals have the capacity to pass through the obstacles without any hassles; you need not have to worry about any hindrances that are in line of sight between your adapter and the Bluetooth that you want to use.

Step 2

If the drivers of the adapter are installed successfully you would get a message on your system at the bottom on the right side that the drivers are installed and the dongle is ready to use. You can also see the Bluetooth icon appearing in the taskbar.

Step 3

Once the adapter is installed and ready to use, it is time to connect your device. To connect the device open the control panel on your computer by pressing the windows or the start menu on the left bottom corner of the screen. You can also use a short key, to start the control panel window press window key + X button from your keyboard.

Step 4

Click on the Bluetooth device tab from the control panel window and you would see a add Bluetooth device wizard popping-up on your screen. Now turn on the Bluetooth on the device that you want to connect to the system and check the box ‘My device is set up and ready to be found’ and click next.

When you click on the next button you would see a list of device that is within the range, select the device you want to connect and click next. Windows will automatically configure the device and download the drivers.

Sometimes you may be prompted to enter a pin or pass code to connect to the device. If you are not sure what the code is, enter 0000 and you would be ready to use the device. This step is required only the first time, when you try to use the device at a later time your computer will automatically connect to the device.