VPS Hosting Vs Shared Hosting – The good and the Bad

So, you have decided setting up your own website for either your professional or personal needs. Well designing the website is only half the battle won. Next comes the hosting part and choosing the right hosting package can be a daunting task. With so many advertisements on different kinds of hosting available and the providers offering highly competitive pricing and so many options it is not easy to choose one. So if you had imagined that you will be able to decide in a jiffy if you just Google Top 10 Web Hosting Companies then you are in for a great surprise my friend. Let us try to understand the 2 mostly preferred hosting which may help you in deciding.

What is Shared Website Hosting?

As mentioned above so many different types and varieties of hosting plans abound in the market, but ultimately what you opt for depends entirely on your requirements. Depending upon the complexity or the simplicity of your needs you can make the choice .If you are just starting up your business or you just need to run a simple blog site and few products with their details and expecting your website to have moderate traffic and bandwidth needs then Shared hosting is the right choice to begin with. You can always upgrade to other options at later stage.

Shared hosting or sharing a server is a cost efficient factor which provides you hosting on shared basis with other users. It is what you can call as compartmentalisation of the server and you share your compartments with other users in the same server. The resources like web space, bandwidth, email server, RAM as well as the processing capacity are all shared with the other users residing on the same server. Each user has few default items in their own directory. So basically for less bandwidth and simple and economic needs, shared hosting would be the best option

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting or what is termed as Virtual private hosting denotes as the name suggests privacy in hosting functions. As unique IP address is generated, you can have the control and also the total management rights on the VPS server, thereby allowing you to derive the basic functionalities of dedicated server. For moderate to high bandwidth needs and complex requirements coupled with professional image to your company VPS would be the right choice. It basically gives you more reliability, more control and more power too.

Difference between shared hosting and VPS hosting 

Provision of private email Server & an IP Address

Shared hosting provides both emails as well as web space on shared basis but on VPS hosting you can derive the privilege of having your own unique email server. Also the fact that it is generated via a unique IP address allows for better performance and quick delivery as well as reduction in spamming and privacy factors are not compromised.


Though both can derive a good performance if the hosting provider is capable, there is definitely an advantageous feature of VPS which makes it a more viable option as you can access greater share of resources due to the facilities provided. That is the reason VPS is recommended if you have higher than moderate needs.


With the right protection tools like anti-virus etc security factor can be taken care of in both the servers effectively. But as VPS hosting is created by an unique IP and is in isolation, it protects your account invariably in case of any attacks on the other users and will not affect your account. Also as it is specially managed either by you or the provider, It minimizes the threat to a great extent ensuring you safety against any hackers.

Firewall Needs

In a shared hosting  necessary access needs to be provided for enabling mails, ftp access, webmail etc  but in VPS firewall can be effected in better manner and access to only certain set of services from specific nodes can be enabled as it is hosted on an isolated environment.

So in a nutshell we can conclude that both hosting are advantageous in their own ways, largely depending on your hosting needs. Also though VPS is a high end hosting with many benefits the low cost and ease of operation in shared hosting makes it also a popular option.