Windows 10 unveiled


Microsoft recently announced its latest version of Windows Operating system, Windows 10 on September 30 in San Francisco. Microsoft aims to make the Windows 10 a one-all and end-all operating system for all window users who were displeased with their previous OS, Windows 8 interface. The new OS is slated to be loaded with top class features that would provide users a pleasant experience using the OS.

Some of the top features of windows 10 are discussed below:

  • Return of the start menu 

When Microsoft released Windows 8, it came under criticism from the users for removing the start menu button from the left corner of the screen. With Windows 10, Microsoft has reinstated the Start Menu button. The new button displays two panels’ side by side; the left side of the panel displays the list of the most used and the recently closed applications. The right column displays a wide selection of live tiles that you can reorganize as per your liking. Additionally, when you click on the start menu you would also see a power button at the top, with shutdown, standby, hibernate and all apps options.

  • Improved start menu with universal search

The new windows 10 operating system has a search tool placed at the bottom of the start menu which was missing in Windows8. The new version has an added feature as it not only allows you to search for programs and files within the system but also has the capacity to look up for related results over the internet, which is powered by the Microsoft’s own search engine, Bing. This implies that you don’t have to open a new web browser to find a new Wikipedia result.

  • Different Desktops 

This is one of the smart additions to the features of the new windows that are a great boon for people who multi-task and have to use different windows simultaneously. With this feature you can run different set of windows without the need for having different monitor; you can view different windows on the same monitor. The multiple desktops is pretty similar to the ‘Spaces’ features of iOS X. With this feature you can set up a new virtual desktop so that you can open multiple programs at the same time.

  • Split Screen 

With windows 10 Microsoft aims to improve the Snap View feature. The new feature allows you to place 4 different windows to the 4 corners of your desktop screen. It allows you to split your display into four sections where you can have four different applications opened side by side. This is a wonderful feature for people who multi-task it would save a great deal of time in snapping the different screen to view the different app.

  • Cortana 

Cortana is the Microsoft’s digital assistant that works similar to Siri. With the release of Windows 10 the feature will be accessible from both mobile as well as desktop computer. It is a wonderful addition as it helps you browse files, open new windows and do various other activities with a voice command.