How to write long tweets on twitter?

Twitter is a popular social networking site. Often it is considered as the best and the most successful social networking site. Basically, it is a micro-blogging platform. Through this, you can post small write-ups or messages. Normally, these messages are called Tweets. Often, people like to post the small tweets through the twitter. For example, it may be “Hey! How are you? How’s life?”. You can involve in the small conversation with your friends through this. But often, we feel that it would be great if we can post a long message. Well, twitter allows 140 characters only, which is too little to post a long message or tweet.

Hence, the big question is what should we do now? Is there any way to post long tweets through the Twitter? Is this possible at all? The answer is yes! It is highly possible. In this article, we will find out how to post long tweets in the Twitter. How many times you have come across such tweets, which contain more than 140 characters? Frankly, there are so many! The major reason for the success of the Twitter is the long tweets in the Twitter. Hence, if you desire, you can post long tweets, but you have to know the trick to do it.

People use twitter for several purposes. You can post inspirational quotes and comments, if you want. You can post long tweets by explaining your products and services through the twitter. You can share anything that you want with your friends through the tweets. While typing your tweets, the Twitter will show you the characters that remain. Even a comma or a space is considered as a character. Hence, it becomes really difficult to explain the things through the tweets. Yes, it is a drawback of the Twitter. But as I said earlier, there are some certain techniques to overcome this problem.

Character Counter Tool

The first thing that you need is a character counter, which you can find easily through the Google. What is the utility of this tool? Well, this tool allows you to determine and compare different wordings of a same message. This is truly a useful tool to make your message large, by shrinking the size of the words. This is a free tool and different versions are available.

Shortening URL

Again, a very useful method for tweeting! There are some tools which you can use to make our blog or video url shorter. The number of characters count in the Twitter becomes less and thus, you can easily include more characters in your tweet. For trimming the URLs, TinyURL.Com and BudURL.Com are extensively used all over the world.

Third party Twitter Apps

There is a few third party twitter apps are also available, which can be effectively used for the purpose of URL trimming. TweetLater.Com is an example of such third party application. Through this, you can shorten you URL and also can schedule your tweets. Is not it effective?

Mastering tweet on the Twitter is not a difficult task at all. All you need is a little wit in writing style so that the character count stays proper for a long post. And, yes, do not forget to use the available tools around.